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   Chapter 77 The Fight Between Two Beauties

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7169

Updated: 2020-01-16 05:28

"How dare you!" Joyce became more furious at Zachary's words though she was still reasonable to some point. "If you admit your mistake and apologize to me, I will let you go. Otherwise..."

"Otherwise what? Are you going to bite me?" Zachary decided to be brazen because if he admitted his fault, he would have a worse time. In order to deal with the three disciples from the Skeleton Sect, he had lied that Joyce was his wife. If Elva found out about it, she would definitely be angry.

Joyce never expected Zachary to be such a bastard. She simply wanted an explanation for his previous behavior, but his reaction made her angrier.

Joyce suddenly moved forward. She was only a few meters away from Zachary and in the blink of an eye, she crossed the distance between them. She was so fast that it amazed everyone who saw her move.

But Zachary was not inferior when it came to speed. As soon as he saw that Joyce made the slightest move to get near, he quickly retreated, and went behind Elva.

Everyone present was surprised that Zachary was able to dodge the surprise attack of Joyce. Everyone knew that Zachary's cultivation level was lower than Joyce's, and there was no way that he could've avoided her attack.

"Why did you avoid my attack? Do you feel guilty about what you've done?" Joyce snorted after she saw Zachary's reaction. What she really wanted to do was grab Zachary, so she continued to advance towards him.

However, a hand beautiful and white like ivory blocked Joyce's further actions. It turned out that it was Elva who tried to stop Joyce.

"Joyce, please calm down. You don't have to fight him," Elva said in a calm voice.

Joyce stared at Elva. She was so focused on Zachary that she was not able to pay enough attention to Elva's presence. When she had a good look at Elva, she realized that Elva was not inferior to her own beauty. What surprised Joyce even more was that they were more or less equal in strength and aura.

"You are?" Joyce asked in a low voice. Her face curled into a puzzled look.

"I am Elva Han, a disciple from the Welkin Sect," Elva replied in a straightforward tone.


as not long when the two feminine hands began fighting for supremacy. Purple martial energy emanated from the hands and became more intense as the seconds passed by. What began as a cautious test of each other's strength eventually became a full-blown contest as the two ladies released their strength without hesitation. Their martial energy soon filled an area of ten meters from the center of their conflict.

The people who watched the conflict keenly felt the increasing intensity of the martial energy that the two ladies released as they fought.

The warriors around the two ladies watched with keen interest. They were both freshmen, but their strength was amazing nonetheless.

As the two ladies fought for the upper hand in their ever-escalating conflict, both of their hands were gripped tightly at the same time by a pair of hands seemingly out of nowhere.

The warriors around the two ladies watched in amazement at the sudden development of the situation.

The person who held the dainty hands of the two lovely ladies was Zachary. Everyone was surprised with what he did, and yet they felt unfortunate that it was not they who held the two hands at the same time.

What surprised them even more was the fact that Zachary was able to intervene in the fight without getting adversely affected by the martial energy that the two ladies released. The onlookers failed to understand how he was able to do it.

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