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   Chapter 76 Recruit A Groom

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Just then, the square in the center of Freshmen Zone was very crowded, and a variety of boards had been set up to announce the search for teammates.

"Come to us! We will strive for the top ten!"

"Have a look here! Our sect has all kinds of therapeutic pills!"

"We want a teammate at the medium stage of Earth Level! We will give you a MH weapon at the Rare Level."

And there were all kinds of announcements.

However, the demand far exceeded the supply. The ones with higher cultivation based joined the teams from sects at the premium stage or the leading teams from sects at the medium stage. As a result, other groups from the lower-end sects had no chance of recruiting strong teammates.

"Elva, shall we shout for a teammate as well?" Zachary turned to Elva and asked.

"No, I will not do that. You can hang up a board if you want," Elva refused, as she did not want to advertise herself in public.

"No way! We cannot do this without you!" Zachary said hurriedly.

"No way," Elva refused firmly.

"Elva, do you want that only the two of us take part in the freshmen contest? If that is the case, we will definitely lose. Anyway, I do not mind ending up losing with you." Zachary looked at Elva dotingly.

Elva started getting goose bumps when she saw Zachary gazing at her. Finally, she conceded, saying, "Okay, I will take the board, and you do the shouting!"

Zachary grinned and then ran away. After a while, he got a board on which he had written something to recruit a teammate, and handed it over to Elva.

After hesitating for a while, she took it from him.

As soon as Zachary saw that Elva was holding the board, he grinned wickedly and immediately started shouting, "Here is the most beautiful woman of the freshmen in the Celestial College, Elva Han. I am here to recruit a groom to marry her! Do not miss the chance!"

All the male disciples in the square were shocked by what Zachary had said. Everyone present, which included those who were recruiting others, came in his direction

n as they entered the square, they saw that Elva leaving with Zachary.

"It's him." Joyce recognized Zachary as soon as she saw him, and clenched her small fists.

"I will be right back, Derrick." Saying that, she walked directly towards Elva and Zachary.

Seeing Joyce look upset, Derrick also followed her.

Soon, she was face-to-face with Zachary and Elva.

Zachary did not easily get alone time with Elva, so he had planned to take that opportunity to continue to woo her. He had not expected Joyce to appear suddenly.

Of course, Elva was also surprised.

The disciples also felt odd, seeing Joyce suddenly come up to Elva and Zachary. Out of curiosity, they immediately gathered around them, as they wanted to know what was going to happen next.

"How dare you make fun of me!" Joyce pointed at Zachary furiously.

"Sorry, do I know you? I know all the beautiful women here, but who are you?" Zachary pretended that he did not know her.

His words made the people present angry, and all of them protested against what Zachary had said. However, he seemed to be oblivious to the crowd's reaction.

"This guy is really interesting. He dared to say something like that. He is really annoying, but Joyce may not want my help!" It was Derrick, who said those words to himself. He had followed Joyce, and now was looking at Zachary.

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