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   Chapter 75 Teaming Up With Zachary

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"Would you two just cut it out?! Need I remind the both of you that the freshmen contest isn't merely a test of strength? There's far more to it than barbaric posturing. Like the selection test in the Welkin Sect, there will be a variety of challenges to face. But it will surely be a lot more severe and quite cruel. We need to teaming up with someone else. And this typically requires even a smidgen of cooperation and understanding," Elva scolded them firmly, looking from one to the other. "However, three people are needed to form a team in the freshmen contest. Now you can see the problem here: we have four people in our sect. And you know that means..." Elva trailed off, her expression conflicted. As she did, her lovely eyes met Zachary's across the room.

The weight of her implication dawned on Zachary: Because there were four of them and only three could be a team, one person would have to go alone and sacrifice himself. And from the way they all looked at him, it became immensely clear that he himself was expected to be the victim.

"Obviously, the three of us—me, Elsa, and Chandler—are more than enough for one team. So I suppose someone here would have to find another team, huh?" Bruce remarked, as his lips curled into a sneer at Zachary.

Zachary had no intention of ever teaming up with Bruce on such an event, but he was surprised to be abandoned by Elva. Giving her a plaintive expression, he whined, "Are you really that hardhearted to leave me on my own like this, Elva?"

His words made Elva hesitate for a moment. She was well aware of Zachary's level of strength, however, and was certain that no one wanted to be saddled with him in a competition like this.

"Elva, don't fall for it. I suggest you leave him alone. He's only going to drag us down," Bruce said with a darkened face after noticing that Elva was seriously considering changing the plan about Zachary.

"That's enough of that. I'll team up with Zachary instead," Chandler interjected, volunteering a quick solution to their trouble, his face determined.

"Chandler..." Zachary was somewhat moved by his willingness to keep the peace. But still, he couldn't quite let go of the fact that this meant Bruce and Elva would team together, with plenty of time alone. So he replied, "I wholly appreciate the kindness, Chandler, but like Bruce here said: You'll only get bogged down if you were to team up with me. I think your best chances are if you team up with Bruce over ther

making fun of me, I'll make you regret the day you were born," Elva snapped.

Finally seeing that Elva was in no humorous mood and was not willing to be placated, Zachary dropped his shoulders in disappointment.

"Now let's go. Don't forget that we have a lot of work ahead of us. We have to find a third disciple talented enough and willing to join us," Elva sighed as she gave him a last glance. She was really starting to doubt her decision. But if she hadn't made that choice, she'd spend her time worrying about Zachary being left alone to fend for himself.

She wondered to herself when she started getting so concerned about his wellbeing. She certainly had no reason to!

Zachary only nodded somberly and followed after Elva.

There were roughly four hundred new disciples that had managed to gain entry into the Celestial College. And yet in spite of that immense number, it would still be a great challenge to find a powerful, talented disciple who would conceivably be able to join them.

And just as what Elva predicted, most of the new disciples had already grouped themselves to their own teams. Often within the same sect, as most of the sects had sent in disciples in groups of three or less. Only a handful of disciples from the sects of premium stage stood independent and alone, but they were unlikely to want to team up with strangers from a different sect, and would rather team up with each other.

This left a demand for new members among the sects who were still missing a final member. Just as they expected, this awkward situation afflicted a number of teams. Many teams seemed to be trying to recruit teammates.

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