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   Chapter 73 She Is My Wife

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Zachary got bored and was on his way back when several warriors saw him. They stared at his clothing and recognized him as a disciple from the Welkin Sect. One of them then pointed at him.

"He's from the Welkin Sect, right?"

"Yes. I heard that there were four disciples from that rubbish sect who made it to the Celestial College this year. They got so lucky!"

"Although the Welkin Sect is at the medium stage, it's actually no different from those sects at the primary stage. The Welkin Sect can't hold a candle to our Skeleton Sect!"

"This guy's cultivation should be less than the Earth Level. Why was he able to enter the Celestial College? The Welkin Sect even let this crap come here!"

The three warriors from the Skeleton Sect mocked Zachary loudly as if he weren't there.

Zachary heard all their words and stared at them from head to foot. All three were at the premium stage of Earth Level. The one who wore a blue robe was at the ninth grade of Earth Level.

Under normal circumstances, Zachary would not simply let go of insults. But unsanctioned fighting between disciples was strictly prohibited in the Celestial College. And since he was a new disciple, he didn't want to cause any trouble. So he continued walking as if he didn't hear anything.

The three disciples felt insulted when Zachary ignored them and simply walked past them, so they surrounded him.

"Get out of my way," Zachary said calmly as soon as he was surrounded by the three disciples.

"Brat, you are the one who is in our way. If you want to leave, you have no choice but to creep between my legs. Ha-ha!" Their numbers and superior strength made them bold, and they wanted to take advantage of the situation to bully Zachary. But they did not want to make the first move. They simply wanted

t I'd like to see what danger they have in store for me. Bring them here. I'll wait for them inside!" Joyce then went straight into the forest nearby.

Zachary watched as Joyce entered the forest. He smiled proudly to himself and walked back to the three warriors of the Skeleton Sect.

"She is waiting for you in the forest now. Please be merciful," Zachary said to the three warriors.

"Don't worry. We will treat your wife very, very nicely. You can go now!" The three warriors had seen Joyce enter the forest and wanted to wait no longer. They immediately rushed into the forest one after another.

"Idiots. The girl in the forest will be more than happy to make you eat dirt. If you die, I'll make sure to burn paper money for you," Zachary sneered and walked away.

Not long after, screams came from the depths of the forest. When the screams died down, a girl came out. She looked around, but there was no sign of Zachary anywhere.

"That crazy guy said I was his wife. Ugh! And I even tried to help him just now. I must be going crazy!" Joyce bit her pink lips and stamped her feet angrily. But when she realized that Zachary was nowhere to be found, she decided to walk away.

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