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   Chapter 72 Rules Of The Celestial College

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Not long after, Bruce and Chandler arrived at the disciple dormitory. After entering it, they saw Zachary and Elva come out of a room in the east.

"This room belongs to Elva and me," Zachary said, pointing at the room behind him.

Elva gently kicked Zachary after he said that. She would have beaten him up for his loose talk, had she not known that he liked to joke around. So, she said, "Chandler, Zachary will share a room with you for the time being. Keep an eye on him, especially at night. If he has nothing to do, do not let him go out!" After that, she entered the room behind her.

"Zachary, let us go and check the room we are going to live in," Chandler proposed in a friendly manner. Then, he took Zachary to the room that was in the dormitory's north side.

Bruce headed towards the remaining room in the west, making a cold snorting sound.

In the afternoon, Rebecca appeared again at No. 45 disciple dormitory, where Zachary and other Welkin Sect's members lived.

Standing in the middle of the courtyard, she gently ordered everyone to come out. Although she did not speak loudly, everyone in their room could hear her.

Soon, Zachary and the other three disciples came out of their rooms and walked to the courtyard.

"Hello, Rebecca! Nice to see you again. Oh, right, you have not shared your measurements with me!" Zachary said smugly.

Rebecca glanced at him but did not pay heed to him.

"Here are the rules of the Celestial College. As a matter of fact, they are simple. First, you must respect all the teachers who teach in the Celestial College. Also, you are required to attend all the classes unless there are special circumstances. Second, there is a midnight curfew. No disciple is allowed to linger around the Celestial College after the curfew, and must go back to their dormitory. These rules are not meant to restrict you. It is just that after midnight, many masters will compete against one another and make the entire college their arena. If you hear any peculiar sound, you do not need to pay attention to it. But, do remember that you cannot leave your dorm. Otherwise, our Celestial College will not be responsible for any possible accidents that may occur. Third, disciples are not allowed to fight in private here. If t

ough they were masters, they did not have much of a future there. Also, there were many warriors who focused entirely on martial arts and stayed on at the Celestial College to continue their cultivation and reach higher levels. All in all, the only way to be able to stand out in the Enigmatic Kingdom was by receiving training at the Celestial College. It was true not only in the Enigmatic Kingdom, but also in the other three kingdoms.

The Freshmen Zone was responsible for admitting the new disciples. Moreover, the number of warriors entering the Celestial College every year was usually less than five hundred. Therefore, the Freshmen Zone was much smaller than the other four zones.

In addition, it was located in an area that was covered by forests. The place where the dormitories were located was rather flat, but the other places were linked by paths that had many twists and turns.

After leaving the disciple dormitory, Zachary walked on the forest path for a while. He felt bored, because besides the woods, there was nothing new for him there.

"I thought I was going to have fun in this Celestial College. Yet, it looks like just as boring as the Welkin Sect. But those secluded groves—they seem interesting. I can use them to do naughty things, like having outdoor sex stealthily. I will find a suitable place and put up a tent there as a cover, so that I can cultivate in the system. If the tent is discovered, no one will suspect me," Zachary said and planned his future course of action.

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