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   Chapter 71 The Hua Clan

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"Then tell me your measurements first." After saying those words, Zachary suddenly became serious. He had his reasons to behave like a lecherous man. One was that he wanted everyone to think that he was a shameless womanizer because that would enable him to carry out what he planned to do later at the Celestial College without anyone detecting anything.

It was evident that all the warriors around Zachary despised him.

But before he could successfully flirt with the girl, another pretty girl suddenly appeared and raised her hand to pat his head.

However, her palm missed its target, as Zachary's figure suddenly disappeared from where he had been standing.

"Elva, it is wrong to launch a sneak attack. Help me, beauty!" The next moment, Zachary appeared behind Rebecca.

"When did you come behind me?" Rebecca asked, shocked, when she saw that Zachary was silently standing behind her. She had not noticed him make any movement.

"Just now!" Zachary answered, raising his eyebrows.

Hearing his reply, Rebecca frowned. Then, she suddenly turned to Zachary and said, "Your disciple dormitory is the second last, if you turn left to the south. Let us see who arrives first. If you are faster than me, I will tell you my measurements."

"Really?" Zachary said excitedly.

"Stop it, Zachary! You can't hold a candle to her. Don't humiliate yourself!" Bruce snorted. He was displeased with Zachary.

What Bruce said was right. Although Rebecca did not release her martial energy, it was most likely that she was far more powerful than they were.

"She will surely allow me to have a head start!" Saying that, Zachary calmly looked at Rebecca.

"Okay, I will let you run first. Is that alright?" Rebecca said generously.

"Okay, great! I will go first." No sooner had Zachary finished speaking than he began running forward. He did not use Shadow Pace at the start, because he wanted to test Rebecca. Nevertheless, he was running fast.

"His movement skill looks ordinary! But just now... Never mind. Let me

ll was extraordinary.

"It so happens that you arrived very late. I have been walking around the dormitory for a while. Elva, the room in the east is beautiful. It has with sufficient light, and we can even see a red grove..." All of a sudden, a figure swaggered out of the dormitory and came toward them.

"When did you get in?" Rebecca was stunned.

"When I arrived, I didn't see you here, so I entered the dormitory," Zachary answered calmly.

"How is that possible? I did not see you on my way here..." Rebecca could not believe what she was seeing, nor what Zachary had said.

Meanwhile, Elva also sported a meaningful smile on her red lips.

"You must have made a wrong judgment." Zachary smiled, and then said to Elva, "Let's go inside." Then, he turned around, and walked in again.

With her eyes wide open, Rebecca stared at Zachary's back, then at Elva.

"I have told you that he is faster than I am. Now do you believe me?" Noticing how surprised and curious Rebecca was, Elva was amused. Then, she walked in too.

However, Rebecca still could not figure out when Zachary had overtaken her.

"This guy is a little weird. I was careless and did not use my full strength. I think that is why he was able to overtake me..." Concluding thus, Rebecca turned and left immediately, because she could not tell him her measurements.

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