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   Chapter 70 The Unrivaled Genius

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"She should be Joyce Chen, the unrivaled talent in the Virid Sword Sect. From what everyone has heard, she possesses quadruple martial speed. And yet she's roughly the same age as Zachary," Elva remarked. She might have been feeling a little competitive. Of course, she'd heard the news of Joyce Chen, who was likely the talk of the town. Joyce Chen was at the first grade of Heaven Level as she was, and also a few years younger than her. The comparison was stark: If Elva was a genius, then Joyce Chen could only be considered to be even more of a genius. She was unrivaled in her talent, and had achieved just as much in less time.

"Quadruple martial speed? That's just unbelievable," Zachary stared, rather astounded at the revelation. Who could've thought that someone as beautiful as Joyce Chen would hide such deadly force and such martial speed?

Across the Supernal Continent, the typical limit for a warrior's inborn martial speed was usually three times that of regular martial speed: triple martial speed. Nobody had seen a warrior with quadruple martial speed until Joyce Chen appeared.

It was not a surprise that Elva and all the other warriors from the sects all across the continent would recognize who she was exactly. After all, all of them were surprised and jealous of what Joyce Chen had accomplished.

But beyond her talent and martial speed, Joyce Chen also made waves for her eye-catching beauty. Male heads turned wherever she went, following the light of her loveliness. Some emboldened warriors even got up the courage to try to chat her up. But where Joyce Chen went also followed the two male warriors, who stood flanking her like bodyguards. They were at Heaven Level, and had intimidating auras that no one wanted to face head on.

By this time, several disciples of Virid Sword Sect started to whisper.

"Before leaving the sect, we were told by our leader that we were supposed to keep a low profile. But now Everyone is talking about Joyce," said a charming man with long red hair, standing at Joyce Chen's right hand.

"Come now, Colin. There won't be a problem. After all, we're both here to protect Joyce. None of these annoying, thoughtless guys will dare approach her." The younger man with them, good looking and heroic, beamed brightly, drawing the eyes of the female warriors in the area.

"That's enough. They're all just talking. Just ignore them," Joyce Chen said calmly as she was used to being the cent

uicide, they backed away.

Not long after Zachary and the three other disciples of the Welkin Sect took their token and proceeded onward, they noted the presence of many powerful warriors, all decked in blue, gathering before them. It appeared as though they were waiting for something or someone.

A charming, adorable, and beautiful lady appeared before them without a sound. Her expression was bright and full of youthful vitality.

"Hello there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Celestial College. I'm Rebecca Hua! You must be the guys assigned to live in the No. 45 disciple dormitory, is that right? Why don't you follow me? I'm the person assigned to look after your disciple dormitory!" Rebecca Hua said all of this with her sweet smile, beaming like the warmth of the sun. She was Elva's complete opposite: Where Elva was a cool, glacial beauty, Rebecca Hua blossomed like sunshine. Even though Elva's beauty was clearly superior, Rebecca Hua's brightness drew the eyes like flowers looking to the sun.

"Hello, beautiful lady. My name is Zachary Zi. I hope you don't mind, but may I know your measurements, hobbies and what you like doing in your spare time?" Zachary was talking a mile a minute as he made a beeline for Rebecca Hua. He was pretended to be attracted by her beauty, but the real aim for him was to shake off Chandler's grip.

A little flabbergasted, Rebecca Hua paused for a second before her bright smile returned. "Oh dear, that's so many questions all in one second! I don't know how to answer you right now. You've overwhelmed me! How about we talk about it later and work on your accommodations first?"

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