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   Chapter 69 The Celestial City

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As the Celestial College, which was in the Celestial City, was a long way from the Welkin Sect, Zachary intended to find an opportunity to chat with Elva and bond with her on their trip there. However, she seemed to deliberately avoid him by sitting on the Wind Turtle's back. Her aloof demeanor and her stern expression made it evident that she did not want to interact with anybody, least of all Zachary. Besides, Bruce kept following her everywhere like a faithful doe-eyed puppy. He would speak to her at the first chance he got and help her in case she needed anything. So, as Zachary was not getting any opportunity to either chat with her or help her, he decided to step aside before they arrived at the Celestial College.

Of course, completing the last one of the series of sub-quests was uppermost on his mind, as that would allow him to continue with the main quest. However, he was aware that to complete that quest, he needed to create the ideal situation to do that. Therefore, he decided to consider carefully before making a decision after reaching the Celestial College.

In contrast with Elva's indifference, Chandler followed Zachary everywhere. It was the first time that Zachary had met someone so enthusiastic and considerate. He was both flattered and surprised when Chandler fetched him a glass of drinking water.

"Chandler, I can get water by myself. You do not need to do that," Zachary said politely. He was a little embarrassed by the way Chandler was treating him. His behavior even made Zachary wonder whether Chandler was gay.

"It is not a big deal. In fact, the first time I saw you, I started seeing you as one of my friends. Maybe it is because our experiences are similar. Both of us went through difficult times before we achieved our present status of strength," Chandler said sincerely. Although he was not a genius, he was one of the talented disciples as compared to most of the others. However, when he had first joined the sect, the other disciples had used to give him the cold shoulder, as they saw him as a fool. Therefore, he naturally felt close to Zachary, who had the same experience.

"Really?" Zachary's eyes suddenly lost their shine as he thought

n and one woman were leading the group and attracted the most attention. It was clear that they were at the Heaven Level.

Of course, Zachary knew the distribution of forces in the Enigmatic Kingdom from the body owner's memories. The Virid Sword Sect was famous for its swordsmanship. The Virid Sword Sect had committed itself to studying swordsmanship since their establishment. Consequently, that had made them the uncontested leading experts in that area.

Without a doubt, the Virid Sword Sect's warriors were first-rate and unmatched in their swordsmanship.

Among all the sects in the Enigmatic Kingdom, there were only three clans' skills that could compete with the swordsmanship of the Virid Sword Sect. They were the Dragon Fist Sect, famous for its fist skills, the Hua Clan, famous for its kicking skills, and the Ying Clan, the most mysterious clan in the Enigmatic Kingdom.

These four famous forces were all at the premium stage.

"Hey, she is pretty!" suddenly Zachary shouted. He ignored the two men and set his eyes on the beautiful woman. Her delicate features and her perfect face looked even more exquisite in a bright purple dress. Her aquiline nose and intoxicatingly innocent blue eyes made her look like a person of high birth. Her mix of oriental and western beauty said that she seemed to be a person of mixed blood.

"Wow, there are also half-breeds in this world!" Zachary said excitedly, as if he had discovered a new continent.

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