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   Chapter 68 The Truth Behind The Family's Extermination

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Updated: 2020-01-14 11:13

"What are you worried about?" Upon hearing Lewis' words, Zachary knew that his words had a profound meaning.

"I know you want to be a warrior because you want to avenge your parents' deaths. But you are a grown man now, and qualified to enter the Celestial College. You have a bright future ahead. So, I do not want you to be blinded by hatred. It is not good for your cultivation," Lewis sighed.

"Oh, I see. Master Lewis, do not worry about that. I have already let go of the revenge. That is why I have made progress. Earlier, I wanted to take revenge, but it was like invisible shackles. My desire for revenge controlled me. So, after thinking through, I've finally improved myself," Zachary replied calmly.

His calm reaction surprised Lewis, because just a few months ago, the Zachary he knew would have never said something like that. However, hearing Zachary's words also comforted him.

"If that is what you think, then rest assured that I can tell you the truth about your family's massacre," Lewis nodded slightly.

"The truth?" Zachary knew the truth about his family's extermination from the memories of the original body's owner. He knew that his father had once been the leader of the Zi Clan, a clan of warriors. He also knew that Zi Clan was one of the most influential clans at the medium stage in Enigmatic Kingdom. Furthermore, the Zi Clan was strong that it even exercised a significant hold and threat on the sects and clans at the premium stage. Then, it was suddenly wiped out by a group of mysterious warriors, and his parents also died miserably in that fight. Till that day, even his fiancee's whereabouts were unknown.

"In fact, I did not tell you the truth—there was a rebellion. Some ambitious members of the Zi Clan killed your parents to seize the clan's core power." Lewis revealed the truth.

"So that is how it is," Zachary smiled coldly. 'What a pitiful man! No one told the original owner of this body such an important truth.'

However, to prevent Lewis from suspecting, Zachary immediately pretended to be righteously indignant and asked angrily, "Who the hell killed my parents?"

"He is your father's only brother, Armand Zi," Lewis said in an angry tone as his eyes became cold.

"So it is this guy who killed my parents. Wait, wait a moment. My uncle? No, it is not possible! Why did he do that?" Zachary was a

am sorry. I overslept," Zachary said, but he still walked slowly and it took him a long time to reach at the front of the Heavenly Martial Hall.

"How dare you make so many of the Welkin Sect's people wait for you for such a long time! This is not right!" Herman immediately assumed a posture and started scolding Zachary.

"Never mind. It is not a big deal," Lewis said, after hearing what Herman had said.

Just then, the sky over him suddenly darkened, and a strange turtle-shaped animal with six huge wings descend from the sky.

"Wow, what is this?" It was the first time that Zachary had seen such a beast.

"It is the Wind Turtle. Haven't you seen it before?" Elva explained immediately, seeing that Zachary was surprised.

Upon hearing Elva's words, Zachary recalled the information about the Wind Turtle from this body owner's memories. It was a kind of martial beasts, and was gentle by nature and easily tamed. That made it a popular flying vehicle in the Supernal Continent.

"It turns out that this beast is used as a plane in this world. I wonder if it is safe travelling on it. It seems that there is no accident insurance. If one falls to their death, they have no choice but to accept it!" Zachary said, amused by what he said.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, Zachary and the other three boarded the Wind Turtle. As it slowly took off, it also displaced a large amount of loose sand that became a sand cloud. Meanwhile, the Wind Turtle slowly flew away from the Welkin Sect and toward the Celestial College, which was in the Celestial City.

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