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   Chapter 67 Something Difficult To Tell

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The registration for Celestial College's new students was in three days. However, they needed to arrive at the school earlier to get themselves ready for the function. Normally, they would set out three days in advance.

As soon as Zachary returned to the Welkin Sect, he was asked to go to the Heavenly Martial Hall.

On reaching the Heavenly Martial Hall, he saw that it was already full of people, including Lewis and the stewards.

Bruce, Elva, and Chandler, the other three disciples who were to go to the Celestial College with Zachary, were also present.

They had been receiving special training from the stewards in the past few days. It was obvious that they had made some progress, although the training time had been short.

On the other hand, it seemed that Zachary had not changed a bit. Therefore, people present at the Martial Heavenly Hall received him disdainfully. The news that he had refused to accept the stewards' guidance had spread throughout the sect.

Seeing that Zachary had arrived, Lewis signaled to the crowd to be quiet.

"You are going to the Celestial College tomorrow. You should be proud of the fact that you are entering the Celestial College and will be representing our sect. Of course, your being there is also our sect's honor. But before you leave, I have to tell you something." Then, he looked at the four disciples.

"The Celestial College is very different from the Welkin Sect. Here, you may be regarded as gifted geniuses, but at the Celestial College, there are countless disciples with such talents. In other words, you will be nobodies there. However, I have full faith in your talent and diligence. I am certain that you will stand out from the other students. We have high expectations of you, especially Bruce and Elva. Most of your seniors who entered the Celestial College earlier, did not achieve anything. Of course, that is the fate of most of the disciples. You must remember that unless you are exceptionally talented, you will not be able to shine there. Therefore, after you enter the college, you must train even harder than you did at the Welkin Sect, so that you

Lewis had ordered him to go to his room, Zachary went where Lewis lived, which was a separate pavilion in Welkin Sect's northwestern part.

After entering Lewis' quarter, Zachary looked around and found that the pavilion's furnishings were elegantly simple. He saw a few chairs on either side of the room, together with some plants and ornaments. Lewis was sitting with eyes closed on a long couch in cultivation. His body emitted a faint golden orange glow, which indicated the power of a warrior at the Imperial Level.

Zachary muttered softly, as if talking to himself, "When can I become as powerful as him?" Then he called out, "Master Lewis, I am here!"

Lewis slowly opened his eyes and glanced at Zachary, his eyes shining brightly as if they were infused with energy. After looking at Zachary, he pointed to the chair next to him and ordered, "Sit down!"

Zachary sat down, crossed his legs and asked, "Master Lewis, you asked me to come over. I do not think you only plan to given me the reward. Am I right? Is there something that you want to tell me in private?"

"You have always been smart and hard-working. To be honest, I did not expect you to make it to the Celestial College. Of course, I am glad for you. I think, had your parents been alive, they would have been proud of you as well. However, I am concerned about you." Lewis's tone was rather burdened, as if he had something difficult to tell.

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