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   Chapter 64 Fight The Blazing Roc

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6595

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Of course, considering the perilous situation in the Burial Forest, Zachary would not take any risks to find rare metals or hunt some martial beasts. He didn't need to do that as the beasts would fight each other and left him with their precious corpses.

He spent a satisfactory day choosing suitable bones of the martial beasts.

But the bones alone would not suffice. He had to cultivate the energy fire first. However, cultivating the energy fire was no laughing matter and would not possibly be done in a day no matter how talented he was. It could take at least a few months or even years to generate. And for Zachary, time was limited.

Another valid reason that prompted Zachary to venture into the Burial Forest was the possibility of obtaining energy fire without the need for cultivation, but it was quite dangerous. The booklet on weapon refining recorded that one could get the energy fire through the fusion with fire with an element.

Fire with an element was rather rare. It could be from the most powerful martial beasts or extremely dangerous landscapes. Either way, it was not easy!

Zachary was very lucky because from the booklet he found that the Blazing Roc species had fire with metal element.

The fire with metal element was the most popular for the weapon refiners in the Supernatural Continent since the common materials used usually contained the metal element. Besides, one could cultivate it easily in places rich in spiritual energy. Hence, among the five different types of energy fire, the one with metal element was the easiest to cultivate.

The Blazing Roc was exactly the treasure beast with the fire that Zachary wanted. If he could subdue it, he would kill two birds with one stone. It was dangerous but worth a hell lot.

"Blazing Roc, here I come!" Once everything was set, Zachary performed the Shadow Pace and surged towards Blazing Roc's nest.

But soon, Zachary was aghast! The nest was empty.

"Oh, where did it

the tree. Enraged, it gave out a shrill scream. As its wings trembled, an array of feathers came down like a rain of arrows to attack Zachary fiercely.

Zachary's expression changed drastically. Simultaneously, he jumped and quickly avoided the feather attack.

Noting that Zachary had dodged its attack, the Blazing Roc seemed to be annoyed. It flapped its wings, producing huge waves of dust. Soon the air was clouded with dust that blocked Zachary's vision.

Zachary looked around alertly. Suddenly, he felt something approaching him from behind. He turned sideways to avoid it immediately, but it was too late. A pair of wings socked him. He tried to dodge but was blown away by the strong force. His body crashed into a nearby tree, the remaining force shaking the tree violently.

Due to the sudden attack and the great momentum, Zachary's hands grew numb. Fresh blood oozed out of the corner of his mouth.

Almost at the same time, he saw the Blazing Roc storming out of the dust and flying low in the air. It blazed directly at him like an enraged bull.

Sensing this movement, Zachary knew he would be crushed into pieces if hit, but it was too late to dodge.

"Let's do it!" Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thus, with his arms outstretched, Zachary dashed straight towards the Blazing Roc.

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