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   Chapter 63 Learning Weapon Refining

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The first part of the booklet on weapon refining contained techniques in refining weapons, most of which were from Anne's experience. The second part was a guide to all kinds of weapons, including the top fifty weapons of all levels in the Supernal Continent, as well as all kinds of rare weapons, and so on. Everything in it was available; even the refining materials needed and where to find the said materials were recorded in detail.

This booklet on weapon refining was like a divine book for every weapon refiner, and was considered to be the most desirable item of all.

With the booklet, Zachary learned something in particular about weapon refining. It wasn't difficult. As long as a warrior had the weapon refining skills, he could refine a weapon. However, whether the weapon could be successfully refined or not was another matter.

The most difficult part of refining a weapon was how to deal with the problems encountered during the process. The process could be divided into five stages: the primary refining, hammer hardening, tempering, purifying, and quenching. Each stage must be done step by step, and at the same time, the warrior must maintain the refining with energy fire. It wasn't easy for one to refine a weapon in exactly the same way as done in the booklet, so to become a true weapon refiner, one had to be a powerful warrior first.

The so called "energy fire," which was produced by martial energy, was similar to a martial art. The different was that the energy fire must be maintained for a long time while one strike of a martial art lasted much shorter time, sometimes even less than a second. The energy fire was divided into five elements: metal, wood, water, thunder and earth. They were used according to the refining materials and the refining environment.

Therefore, if one wished to be a weapon refiner, they had to cultivate a certain kind of element of the energy fire, at least.

Although the cultivation of the energy fire had something to do with warriors' strength, it had nothing to do with their cultivation level. That was to say, the energy fire of different elements needed to be specially cultivated by warriors. Different elements of energy fire had their own cultivation methods, which

for weapon imitations that would spread all over the Supernal Continent, she wouldn't pass it on to Zachary in the beginning.

'I should probably hurry up and study all that are recorded in the booklet, ' Zachary thought to himself as he organized his ideas, ready to put his plan into action. He had already made up his mind.

As long as he completed the quests released by the system, he could get treasures such as pills, manuals on martial arts and many other kinds of rewards. So he had nothing to worry about. He had enough time to devote himself to learn weapon refining.

Moreover, Anne's Holy Bone Bracer, which she molded for him, was an evolutionary OH weapon that could be upgraded by refining. So it really was necessary for him to learn weapon refining.

With no hesitation, Zachary took the booklet and left the system. Then, he went to the kitchen and packed some food, enough to sustain him for a few days. With all the things he needed at hand, he headed straight for the forbidden area of the Welkin Sect, the Burial Forest.

The Burial Forest was the perfect place for Zachary if he wanted to learn weapon refining. Naturally, he needed a lot of refining materials for practice. Beginners needed a lot of materials, especially since they expected to try many times. Skeletons of martial beasts or ores could be used as materials for them to practice weapon refining. So the Burial Forest, where the martial beasts roamed, was the best place to collect these ingredients.

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