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   Chapter 61 Arrogance And Disdain

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Among the continent's sects at the medium stage, the Welkin Sect was considered at the lower end in terms of ranking. It was the first time that the sect could send two disciples, Bruce and Elva, who had triple martial speed, to the Celestial College at the same time. Therefore, for the Welkin Sect that had not seen any disciples who could stand out from Celestial College, there was much hope this time.

Elva and Bruce had a lot of hopes pinned to them: Should they prosper in the Celestial College, they might be considered for leadership positions in the Welkin Sect in the future. Through them, the sect would elevate itself among sects at the medium stage, and might even further develop into one at the premium stage.

However, Zachary was the unexpected factor that took them all by surprise. As everyone's attention went to Elva and Bruce, Zachary seemed to have suddenly appeared from thin air, wielding gifts and talents that went far beyond the first two. And he had managed all of that in so short a time. The astonishing speed at which he recovered from his injuries and the swiftness of his great progress, both in cultivation and martial speed, were beyond imagination.

Lewis felt a strange sense of compassion towards Zachary following these achievements. While he couldn't explain Zachary's development, he had seen the bright light of pure potential in him.

"Master Lewis? What can I do for you?" Zachary asked, after a beat or two passed wherein no one spoke.

There was a moment of charitable contemplation before Lewis answered, "Your performance in the selection test, Zachary, has proceeded well beyond our expectations. And we've seen quite a few things from you that we can't really explain. But that doesn't matter anymore. Always remember to remain humble, to not fall into arrogance or self-conceit. Your talent has qualified you to enter the Celestial College, but you might find yourself as the weakest there, regardless of your current power and triple martial speed. You must mentally prepare yourself for this reality."

"Okay, then," Zachary replied with no emotion behind it.

"In order to prepare the four of you further before you enter the Celestial College, I've decided to have the stewards provide you with some more personal guidance. Zachary, although Master Sara has indeed trained you in person, I see no harm in you lear

ng his arms as though all of this should be self-explanatory. "I honestly can't really appreciate their guidance if they haven't even the sincerity in giving it. And besides, compared to Master Sara, who even are they? Just as nobody as they said I'd be, I assume."

The devastating words from Zachary had their desired effect: the stewards were enraged. But because they still sat in front of Lewis, clothed with the dignity of their position, they couldn't possibly respond to these provocations. Instead they bestowed baleful glares at Zachary, cold as ice, feigning that they were far too above such cretin's insults. In secret, they were just about ready to teach him a lesson.

"Very well then, Zachary. If you insist upon not getting any guidance at all, then no one here will force you. You're dismissed!" In an attempt to diffuse this terrible situation, Lewis could only leave Zachary to his own devices, knowing how stubborn he was. Zachary wouldn't listen to him anyway.

After a cursory glance around the hall, with a meaningful look towards Bruce in particular, Zachary only muttered to himself in silence, 'You'll be next.' Without another word, his lips curled to a smirk as he departed from the hall.

"Master Lewis, look at this guy! Can you believe how rude he was just now?! How could we possibly give him any hand in leading the sect in the future? In my opinion, Bruce is the ideal candidate to focus on here, along with our other, more dignified candidates," Herman suggested, looking at Lewis for approval.

The other stewards only nodded in agreement.

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