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   Chapter 60 A Loser To An Idol

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By the time that Zachary returned to the training ground, Lewis and the stewards had already left the area, and only a few disciples remained. The chatter around him was still all about that battle, with its unspeakable twists and turns. It was virtually unheard of.

When they heard Zachary return, however, all eyes on the field turned towards him. The look of surprise and admiration was written on their faces. Not even a few months ago, Zachary was seen as something of a loser in the sect. And yet in just a few short months, he had elevated himself to the seventh grade of Mortal Level, with triple martial speed that so many of the disciples there could only dream of.

Now that he was qualified to enter the Celestial College, along with the tremendous honor of personal instruction from Sara, Zachary represented the image of a prosperous future in the field. He was now considered just as elite as Bruce and Elva, if not more.

Suddenly, all the disciples still in the area rushed right up to Zachary, surrounding him and clamoring for his attention, suffusing him in praise and awe.

"Zachary, you were so awesome back there! You held Chandler to a draw! Do you realize how incredible that is?!"

"It's true! You're our hero!"

"Zachary, Zachary, could you teach me a thing or two? Please?"

"What was Master Sara saying to you just then? Was she teaching you some new martial arts?" "You've got to teach us too! Come on, please?"

The air was thick with chatter and praise, confounding Zachary for a moment.

Looking around at the sudden crowd that gathered around him, Zachary inwardly made a bitter smile. 'So it looks like the world is shallow, superficial, and snobby everywhere. It doesn't matter where I am, ' he thought to himself.

Back where he came from, in his original world, Zachary had been born into a humble family. He experienced failure, time and time again, in spite of his best efforts. Although he had overcome incredible hardships and so many setbacks to his aspirations, he had never surrendered to fate. And in the end, because of his unremitting efforts, he had become one of the top treasure hunters in that world. That was also why he had been selected to become a tester of the Treasure-hunting Compass. However, that didn't turn out as planned: there was som

ch a feat was the most unimaginable achievement in the history of the sect. Other than Chandler, the other three disciples all had triple martial speed!

Throughout the Welkin Sect, triple martial speed was already considered as a feat only achieved by the top disciples. However, this was merely the "entry level" for the Celestial College.

The Supernal Continent was home to countless warriors of fame and legend. There were hundreds of sects and clans in the continent. Other than the quota granted to those sects and clans of premium stage, there might be three or four disciples who could make it into the Celestial College with triple martial speed in each sect or clan. It was such a select ability that typically, only one or two disciples with triple martial speed would be found in sects of medium stage. Without a doubt, no weak warrior could possibly get recruited into the Celestial College. Most of the prospects were highly talented. And in their standard, having triple martial speed was merely basic.

Moreover, in the hallowed halls of the Celestial College, one couldn't achieve great accomplishments by simply relying on their martial speed. The true way to tear a strip of success through the college was to have diligence and the willingness to learn. It would be up to a warrior's focus and ability to grow that would decide if they would stand out in the Celestial College. But then again, if a warrior had high martial speed, they might just be able to make great progress in cultivation with much less effort.

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