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   Chapter 59 The Beauty Sent A Message

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When she saw the Blazing Egg in Zachary's hand, Sara could not help but marvel. She did not want to show it, but the surprise on her eyes could not be hidden.

"Ahem." Zachary cleared his throat to get the lady's attention back to him rather than the egg. "Have I convinced you now, Master Beauty?"

Sara immediately recovered from her surprise and replied, "Very well. I'll keep my word and give you an extra reward." She took out a booklet. "This Ghost Palm is a martial art at the premium stage of Heaven Level. There are three moves in total. Learn and master all those three and even an opponent whose cultivation is one or two levels higher than yours will fall under your feet," she stated.

Murmurs started to arise in the crowd. Everyone was shifting uncomfortably in their seat, surprised with everything that transpired before them.

The martial arts in the Supernal Continent were divided into three stages: primary stage, medium stage, and premium stage. In terms of power, most of the time, the martial art at the premium stage were better than the ones at the other stages. But because of other factors influencing a battle, a warrior using martial arts at the primary stage might be able to defeat one using martial arts at the premium stage.

Because of its simplicity, the martial arts at the primary stage were the most used and taught in the Supernal Continent. Aside from being easy to learn and master, they also required less martial energy compared to those at the other stages. For example, the martial energy used to perform three moves of martial arts at the primary stage would be equivalent to the energy used to execute just one move of a martial art at the premium stage. If one decided to attack their opponent with a move from a martial art at the premium stage and the opponent successfully defended himself, it would put the attacker to a disadvantage since he had lost a lot of martial energy and was unable to attack again. This was why the martial arts at the primary stage were widely used. Although they were less powerful, they required less martial energy and allowed more flexibility during battles.

With this factor at hand, no martial art could be considered the most powerful in the Supernal Continent, even if it was one at the premium stage.

But if someone could learn and master martial arts at the premium stage, then it might be able to turn the tables at critical moments.

So when Sara offered to give Zachary a martial art at the premium stage of Heaven Level, the other disciples were all green with envy. Even

et into her."

"Pffft. You? You're not even close to being worthy to hold her shoes," Sara replied, continuing her insult.

"Ahh. Good for me I don't have such fetish. Why would I even want to carry her shoes? If it's up to me, I'll go take off her clothes right away," Zachary replied arrogantly.

Sara looked at him with wide eyes, absolutely disgusted with his scandalous behavior. If she hadn't known him, she would think she was talking to a psychopath.

Zachary let out a playful chuckle. "Is that everything that she wanted to tell me? Didn't she say that she missed me and wanted me to see me as soon as possible?" he continued to ask in a playful manner.

"Whatever! I am done talking with you!" Sara replied irritably. "Just remember everything I say." "The Blazing Egg and the manual were both from Master Katrina. Treat them as payment for your silence." Sara started to walk away from Zachary. "Goodbye. I'm heading back to Celestial College now,"

'Huh. I did not expect that she was sent by that beautiful woman in the cave. I guess she really is powerful to have that kind of authority over Sara, ' Zachary thought to himself. He turned serious immediately after Sara's departure. The playfulness and smile on his face were all gone. If the beautiful woman sent Sara just to tell him to take good care of the marriage contract, then it must be really serious and important. She definitely would not go through all that trouble just to make sure he would keep it as a secret if she was not concerned and worried. She also clearly wanted to avoid others from suspecting.

"I guess I really have to be careful this time." With that, Zachary quietly turned back from the woodland and left.

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