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   Chapter 58 I Had A Blazing Egg Too

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"I was just out of luck," Zachary replied. Although he really wanted to win, Chandler didn't take advantage of the situation to give him a fatal blow. This proved that Chandler was a man of integrity.

The disciples watching the battle were confused with Chandler's actions. They were all aware how rare such an opportunity was and thought that he shouldn't give the opportunity up. Additionally, they knew that Chandler had better skills than Zachary. Thus, he had a better chance of winning than Zachary.

Since both Zachary and Chandler were willing to accept defeat, it was up to Sara to make the final decision of who won the battle.

Zachary and Chandler walked off the battle ring and headed to the high platform in front of the training ground as the other disciples watched.

"Did Chandler win?" Gray asked Sara impatiently.

Lewis and the other stewards turned their heads towards Sara as they waited for her to answer Gary's question. But no reply came forth from her.

Lewis, Sara and the stewards all watched their every step until the pair of finalists finally reached the platform. Sara studied Chandler first, and then looked at Zachary. Her face revealed no emotion, no clue as to what she was thinking. The rules of the Celestial College stipulated that anyone who possessed triple martial speed would automatically be eligible to enter the college without going through the selection test. Whether Zachary won the battle or not was no longer a decisive factor to his eligibility to get accepted by the Celestial College. His triple martial speed earned him a free pass.

"You did a good job," Sara said as she stared at Zachary. "It is refreshing to see that a warrior at your level has the potential to beat an opponent who is more powerful." Sara's praise for Zachary was not a welcome statement to some stewards.

"Master Sara, Chandler is the worthy winner. I acknowledge his skills and respect him from the bottom of my heart!" Zachary replied with a laugh. He knew that even if he lost to Chandler, he could still get into the Celestial College.

"You seem to know exactly what you're saying. Well, I declare that the finalist who is qualified to enter the Celestial College is none other than... Chandler," Sara announced in a loud v

then said to Zachary, "Take it. You must refine it carefully and don't waste such a rare treasure."

"This is just a Blazing Egg. What's the big deal?" Zachary replied nonchalantly.

His words surprised everyone present.

"What a tone! It's a treasure for a warrior at the Heaven Level. If you use it properly, it can increase your strength by half a level," Sara said, frowning. Her lips pouted slightly.

"It's only half a level! It's not really that big of a deal," Zachary commented.

"He's being absurd again," Elva whispered to herself unconsciously.

Lewis shook his head with a sigh when he heard Zachary's statement.

"Well, if you can bring me something similar to the Blazing Egg, I will give you something better, in addition to the Blazing Egg. If you can't, then I will take back the Blazing Egg," Sara replied. She raised one of her eyebrows.

The disciples who heard Sara's challenge laughed at Zachary's misfortune. They thought that instead of getting a valuable reward, his crude comment caused him to lose the reward.

"That is a deal, Master Sara." Zachary laughed loudly to the surprise of the onlookers. He then took out a Blazing Egg and then showed it to Sara.

Everyone was shocked. They never imagined that Zachary had a second Blazing Egg.

Not only the disciples, but even Lewis and the stewards were surprised. They couldn't imagine how he obtained a rare Blazing Egg.

Silence fell over the entire training ground as Zachary showed his Blazing Egg to Sara.

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