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   Chapter 57 Loss At Both Sides

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Zachary released the martial energy from the Holy Bone Bracer that he had absorbed when blocking the Sumo Skill of Chandler. He then gathered it in his right fist.

"Crushing Skill!" Zachary threw a punch at Chandler. The punch was so powerful that it sent out a ripple of power similar to that of a warrior at the premium stage of Earth Level.

Chandler's face turned grim when he saw the incoming attack. However, since his energy acupoints had been sealed, he had no strength to resist the attack.

Everyone watching the battle, including Lewis and the stewards, looked surprised. They couldn't understand why Chandler did nothing to avoid Zachary's incoming attack.


'It seems that Zachary has a card up his sleeve!' Sara thought to herself. Of all the people who witnessed the battle, she was the only person who stayed calm.

With a thunderous sound, Zachary's punch smashed Chandler's chest with great power.

However, after the punch, a white mist exploded between Zachary and Chandler and was scattered by the wind. Zachary's forward momentum brought him directly into the white mist, which immediately went into his eyes. A burning sensation overcame Zachary. His eyes were unable to see the light anymore, and everything became extremely dark for him.

Chandler never expected that the Nether Powder that he put away in his pocket would explode from Zachary's fierce attack. It turned out that the white mist had saved his life. Actually, he didn't plan to use the Nether Powder, but to avoid being discovered by others, he had to put it away. He had intended to return it to Bruce, but he didn't expect it to be crushed by Zachary.

Zachary, who lost his sight, immediately took a few steps back. He then took a few deep breaths to calm down, and quickly sorted out his thoughts. It was not long when he came to the conclusion that the white mist must be a kind of powder that could make him temporarily blind.

As a result, neither Chandler nor Zachary dared to move an inch forward, for fear that the other would launch a surprise attack.

The development of the situation was totally unexpected by everyone that watched the scene!

"What just happened? Why did Chandler suddenly stop?"

"What's stranger is that now even Zachary stopped."

For a moment, all the disciples of the Welkin Sect stared at each other.

"Master Lewis, what's going on here?" The stewards turne

with Chandler!

But since Zachary was severely beaten to the slabs by Chandler, he hurt all over and was too weak to move. Elva became very worried of Zachary that she subconsciously bit her lower lip lightly.

Although Chandler was hurt on one of his arms, he was still powerful and could stand up to fight again. Now, it was clear that Zachary had been defeated by Chandler.

Chandler supported himself up and walked towards Zachary.

Hearing that Chandler walked towards him, Zachary intended to get up and go on fighting with all his remaining strength.

"Zachary, I really admire your perseverance!" Chandler suddenly extended his unhurt arm to Zachary and tried to help him to his feet.

Zachary was stunned at first, but then he burst into laughter and reached out his arm to let Chandler help him stand up.

The scene shocked the disciples that watched the two warriors.

"Chandler, it's me who has lost the contest! I throw in the towel..." Zachary admitted defeat. It was because there was no need to fight anymore. Even though he couldn't get the first place, he was sure to be able to get into the Celestial College with his triple martial speed.

"No, it's me who has lost the competition. If you didn't accidentally hit that bag of Nether Powder, I'm sure I would have already lost," Chandler said in a serious tone. Although Zachary was blind, he was able to hurt one of his arms, which was enough to show his amazing skill and courage. It turned out that he was a man who was willing to risk his own life. Such courage and perseverance made Chandler feel inferior to Zachary.

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