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   Chapter 56 Sumo Skill

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Chandler was the most talented disciple of Gray; thus, he also received the secret manual on martial arts of his master called the Sumo Skill. This technique was not about the fist and foot, but with three attacks which were pouncing, grabbing and smashing, all of which integrated martial energy. Its true strength lay in the way that each attack flowed into the next, making a set of three attacks behave like a single attack.

Zachary was aware of this, so he planned to utilize the Shadow Pace to dodge Chandler's attacks. As long as he was not caught by Chandler, there was room for him to counterattack.

Zachary's face turned serious as soon as Chandler started attacking. He never expected that Chandler's attacks were extremely fast. Chandler was so fast that he got in front of Zachary and grabbed his right arm in the blink of an eye. Everything happened so fast!

Fortunately, Zachary reacted in time. His countermove was as quick as lightning. He broke away from the grasp of Chandler before the grip had locked in on him and thus avoided the attack. But Chandler seemed to be able to react just as fast. He exhibited extremely flexible waist strength. He rolled over, adjusted his angle, and once again pounced at Zachary. His movement was unbelievably fast.

Fortunately, the Shadow Pace was mysterious and powerful that Zachary dodged Chandler's attack narrowly, but in all aspects, he was completely at a disadvantage.

'Wow! A warrior at the ninth grade of Earth Level is really something! Besides, Chandler is more cautious than Gary. He has no flaws. As long as he keeps closing in, there's no chance to fight back.' It was immediately obvious to Zachary that this battle was more difficult than he had originally anticipated.

The disciples that watched the match leaned forward and strained to keep their eyes open, afraid they'd miss a single wonderful moment. They wanted to see when Zachary would get hit by Chandler so that they'd see the Sumo Skill combo in action.

"Where did Zachary learn that movement skill? With Chandler's strength, it's strange that he can't keep up with Zachary's speed!" Gray asked.

Lewis and several other stewards of th

ble to fight anymore," Gray sneered.

The other stewards of the Welkin Sect nodded in agreement. Nonetheless, they were surprised that Zachary survived.

"It seems that you have another up-and-rising star, Master Lewis," Sara said as she turned to Lewis.

Lewis smiled upon hearing Sara's words. He knew that Sara's words were meant for Zachary.

Seeing that Zachary was still able to stand up after his attack, Chandler felt very surprised. But he did not take the advantage of the moment to attack Zachary once more. Instead of attacking, he said, "Zachary, let's end it here! You have been hurt badly by my Sumo Skill combo. There is no point for us to continue our competition."

"Chandler, although I was hit in a series of attacks by your Sumo Skill, I sealed your acupoints as well. Didn't you notice?" Zachary said in a serious tone yet he curled up his lips.

As soon as Zachary finished speaking, Chandler's face turned dark and gloomy as he noticed that his martial energy had stopped circulating, and even his body could no longer move.

"What... When did you seal my energy acupoints?" Chandler asked in an extremely surprised tone.

"I did it when you hugged me passionately," Zachary replied.

"Did you do it on purpose?" Chandler asked.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I am so sorry. Chandler!" After Zachary finished what he wanted to say, he rushed towards Chandler in the blink of an eye, using his Shadow Pace.

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