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   Chapter 55 The Insidious Bruce

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Zachary's last opponent was Chandler, the personal disciple of Gray. He was at the ninth grade of Earth Level and the most powerful among the disciples of Earth Level. It made sense that he could make it to the final battle.

Despite his whiskers and sturdy figure, he was fairly young. In fact, he was at a similar age as Elva. It was quite impressive for him to attain such a level at such an age!

Chandler was at the courtyard outside his room, beating the wooden stakes. He was sweating profusely. His steps were firm, and his fists and legs were steady. It was obvious that he practiced diligently.

"Chandler." Just then, a man with extraordinary aura walked into the courtyard.

"Bruce? Why are you here? I thought you were still cultivating in seclusion?" Chandler said and then grinned innocently.

"It's almost time to go to the Celestial College. Master Lewis wanted me to go out and prepare in advance. I heard that you've made it to the final battle, so I've come to congratulate you."

"That's very nice of you, Bruce. But I just made it to the final battle. It's not like I've won the battle already. What's there to congratulate me for? Congratulate me after I win it!" Chandler said.

"Your last opponent is the loser, Zachary. You should be able to easily defeat him. But I heard that his meridians have been healed, and that he even defeated Gary, so I think it's necessary to remind you. This person is very strange. Although his strength seems normal, he is good at some hidden and insidious techniques. He even broke one of Benjamin's arms and defeated Gary under seemingly impossible circumstances. He must have some secret techniques readied for the final battle," Bruce reminded him in a sullen tone.

"I'll remember your words, and I will be very careful," Chandler replied.

"Being careful won't work. I have a packet of Nether Powder. Keep it in case you have need of it. If Zachary uses any surprise tech

nded in a straightforward and imposing manner.

"Chandler, you can use your full strength. Even if I lose, I won't lose in a shameful manner!" Zachary calmly smiled and suddenly released his aura—he had just reached the seventh grade of Mortal Level. There was no need to hide his power now.

"Seventh grade of Mortal Level? When did he attain such power?"

"Do I see it wrong? Before he was injured, he was only at the third grade of Mortal Level, wasn't he?"

"Oh my God! Is he still a human?"

All of a sudden, the whole training ground was in an uproar.

Even the leader and stewards of the sect were also surprised to see that Zachary had reached the seventh grade of Mortal Level after his meridians were restored.

"He suddenly increased his power? How was he able to improve his power by so much? Is it possible that he has encountered something?" Even Sara was stunned. She stared at Zachary agape with eyes wide open.

Although Elva suspected it, she was still surprised when Zachary revealed his true power.

Chandler was surprised when he saw that Zachary was now at the seventh grade of Mortal Level. He immediately bent his back, staring at Zachary as if a wild bear had spotted its prey. Even though Zachary had improved greatly, the gap between them was still huge.

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