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   Chapter 54 Ready For A Decisive Battle

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Zachary went back to his tent and was about to enter the system to report the progress of the competition to Anne, when a delicate shadow suddenly appeared in front of him like a tornado.

"Master Sara?" Zachary smiled when he saw her.

"Well done! You were actually able to defeat a disciple at the medium stage of Earth Level and enter the final round. It seems that I underestimated you before!" Sara said with a cold smile.

"Do you regret that you didn't coach me?" Zachary replied and then laughed aloud.

"Actually, I already knew there was something wrong with you. But I didn't expect that you could recover so soon after five of your meridians were injured. To the best of my knowledge, a fourth-grade therapeutic pill couldn't do that to you, could it? What are you hiding from me?" She was curious about how Zachary recovered from his injuries so soon. If Lewis and the stewards hadn't confirmed Zachary's injuries, she would have suspected that he had been lying about his injuries all this time.

'I'll leave this to her to guess. She will never get the right answer from me, ' Zachary thought to himself. Zachary never answered her question and remained silent.

"But I am more interested in the bracer that you now wear. Although it looks ordinary, I am guessing that it's not a common one," said Sara. She stared at the Holy Bone Bracer on Zachary's right hand.

Zachary admired the fact that Sara was indeed a warrior of Imperial Level. She was able to tell that his Holy Bone Bracer was extraordinary with one look.

"Oh, you mean this bracer? I found it inside the Burial Forest. If you like it, I'll get one for you later," Zachary answered calmly.

"No, thanks." She cast one last glance at Zachary, turned around and then left.

'That's weird. She is paying too much attention to me that you'd think she has a crush on me. It's impossible, of course. But what is she hiding?' Zachary pondered as he watched Sara leave.

As soon as Sara was gone, Elva arrived. Although she was cold as always, there was confusion and surprise on her beautiful face.

"Elva..." When Zachary saw Elva, he knew she must have figured out that he kept the fact that his meridians were healed. And considering her personality, he believed that she must be angry about what he concealed.

But Elva just asked casually, "I heard that your meridians have been healed?"

"Yes, they have been healed completely," Zachary answered calmly with a smile.

"How is that possible? Besides, Gary is a warrior at the m

for a long time," Zachary said in a flattering tone.

"No, thanks. You'd better prepare for the competition! Remember, you could only use the Holy Bone Bracer once each day. If you use it again, you'll be in danger. It's not worth risking your safety. Do you understand?" Anne warned Zachary.

"Yes, Master Anne! However, even a supreme Holy Bone Bracer will not be able to help me win this final battle. Master, can you give me some advice?" Zachary asked.

"You're much weaker than your opponent. Even if I give you advice, they will do you no good. But you don't need to worry too much about victory or defeat. In fact, you'll be enrolled by the Celestial College whether you win or lose because you already possess triple martial speed," Anne answered flatly.

"You could be right. But if I win the championship, it will help me marry a wife. What a waste it will be if I just give it up!" Zachary said unhappily.

"Helen of Troy is dangerous, but I can't stop you from doing whatever you want. Take these three Ice Needles and stab them at three vital points of your opponent's body. He will then be paralyzed for a time. Use that opportunity to clobber him." She took out three precious Ice Needles and gave them to Zachary.

"Master, I always know that you're the best!" He received the needles happily. The system told him before that Anne's Ice Needle was an extremely powerful MH weapon. And he needed all the extra help that he could get to win the championship.

"Stop talking nonsense. I will go and rest." She turned around and then walked away.

Zachary also left the Living-dead Tomb. Without any task to finish, he prepared himself for the final battle.

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