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   Chapter 53 One Punch

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Just then, a tightly clenched fist suddenly appeared from the smoke and dust that had not settled down, and went for Gary's chest. Then, a violent increase in the martial energy abruptly broke through the smoke and shot out.

Startled, Gary immediately gathered his martial energy to protect himself against the attack. But the fist, which was more powerful than his, managed to break through his defense and hit his chest.


He was thrown off balance in a second, and fell to the battle ring, unable to stand up.

When the Welkin Sect's members, including the sect leader and the stewards, saw that, they could not believe their eyes.

That was when a figure slowly stood up from the dust. It was none other than Zachary. Everyone present could see that his eyes emitted a domineering aura, unlike anything else they had seen. Besides, the aura was blazing like a raging fire. Furthermore, a white bracer was flickering with a faint light on his wrist.

"He... He defeated Gary with only one move!"

"No way! Did I make a mistake? A loser defeated Gary..."

"Gary could not take that fist. Does that mean Zachary is stronger than a warrior at the medium stage of Earth Level?"

Immediately, the spectators started saying all kinds of things. But most of all, they were suspicious regarding what they had seen, and broke out in an uproar.

'Did he just defeat Gary?' Elva opened her mouth slightly.

'Is that an OH weapon on his wrist?' Sara also noticed the Holy Bone Bracer Zachary was holding.

"Gary..." Seeing his defeated disciple, Albert, Gary's master, stood up and glared at Zachary, angrily.

"Master Lewis, how did Zachary manage to hit such a powerful punch, and that too with so much martial energy?" Herman said, looking solemn.

The other stewards also turned around to look at Lewis.

"Has he already recovered from his broken meridians? But it should have been impossible for him to regain his health by himself. And even if he has recovered, defeating Gary with one move should not have been possible. What the hell is going on?" Lewis was also confused on seeing what had jus

ey shared the feeling that she seemed to be protecting Zachary. That was not the first time she had treated Zachary in a special way. They remembered that during the intermediary contest, she had seemed partial toward him.

"In fact, I think highly of him," Sara added suddenly.

The stewards and Lewis were at a loss for words, and could not understand why Sara said so.

"All right, Zachary, you may leave now." Seeing that neither he nor anyone else had anything to ask Zachary, Lewis ordered him to leave, as he waved his hand.

Before leaving the Heavenly Martial Hall, Zachary stole a glance at Sara.

"If there's nothing else, I will leave now." Saying that Sara too got up and left.

"Master Lewis, there must be something wrong with Zachary. His meridians couldn't have healed so fast," Albert said, the instant Sara left.

"That's right! It is so weird! Maybe Zachary has cultivated some strange cultivation method to make his meridians heal quickly. In case he has done that, I am sure he will go astray!" Herman added.

"No matter what caused his meridians to heal so quickly, his performance was there for everyone to see. Since his meridians have recovered, his previous performance then, makes sense. If you are all okay with it, let us wait and see the last battle. Then everything will be clear!" Lewis went on in a serious voice, barely smiling.

The stewards were all confused.

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