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   Chapter 52 Defeat Zachary With All His Strength

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"He is using the Dragon Fist! It is the unique martial art of Master Albert," someone in the audience yelled. All at once, the audience burst into an uproar. When they saw Gary launch such a powerful attack against Zachary, they realized that he wanted to defeat Zachary with one strike, taking advantage of the huge gap in power between them.

With Zachary's current status, they were convinced that he would never be able to withstand such a powerful attack.

When Zachary realized Gary's intentions, his eyes narrowed slightly. He then crossed his arms to block the incoming fist attack.


Gary's Dragon Fist struck Zachary's arms with tremendous force. Air waves rippled from the point of impact as martial energy scattered in all directions.

Elva frowned while watching the battle unfold.

The audience thought that Zachary would be thrown into the air, but instead, he was only pushed back by three steps.

"He was pushed back by only three steps?" someone in the audience said in disbelief.

"Gary used all his strength in that attack. But Zachary was able to block it completely."

"Isn't he disabled? What did this guy eat that made him so strong?"

The disciples that witnessed the scene all talked to each other about what happened.

Even Lewis and the stewards stared at each other in surprise.

"What just happened? Obviously, Zachary didn't use any of his martial energy. So how was he able to block Gary's strike?"

"Yes, it's rather confusing."

"Master Lewis, can you see what skill Zachary is using?"

The stewards turned to Lewis, waiting for his answer.

But Lewis just shook his head. He was just as confused as the stewards. Logic dictated that the force and momentum of Gary's attack should have injured Zachary gravely. Yet, he was able to block the attack and he also seemed to be unaffected.

"He seems to be hiding his real strength," replied Sara meaningfully.

"The strength of a warrior at the medium stage of Earth Level is really powerful!" Zachary exclaimed. He looked satisfied. The muscle between his thumb and index finger was numb with pain, and it was a little strenuous for him to speak. Yet he still smiled broadly. He stared at the Holy Bone Bracer on his right wrist and thought to himself, 'This OH weapon is so powerful that it is able to withstand a full attack from a warrior at the medium stage of Earth Lev

r than Zachary, but he couldn't beat him with two fists. The whole thing was incredible for him and he couldn't help feeling frustrated.

"Nothing special. It's just that the power of your fists was too weak," Zachary answered.

Gary became extremely furious when he heard Zachary's reply. He roared and rushed toward him with his fists that turned into shadows.

"Taste the strongest attack of mine!" In an instant, Gary's fists were like a crowd of demons pouncing fiercely at Zachary. The fist shadows transformed into overlapping dragon shadows, and rushed towards Zachary.

The stone plates of the battle ring, within ten meters around Zachary, were all impacted by the force of the martial energy and began to crack.

"I can't believe that Gary just used the strongest skill I taught him. I told him to use it in the final round," Albert said as he shook his head.

Since it was Gary's strongest skill, its power was not hard to imagine.

The disciples were shocked as they watched agape. Even Lewis and the stewards watched with a heavy look on their faces. They believed that the power of Gary's attack was simply too much for Zachary to withstand.

"Zachary..." Elva whispered under her breath. Her face was now etched with a look of serious concern.

After about twenty fist attacks, Gary stopped, gasping for air. The dust around him gradually dissipated.

"Let me see if you can resist my attacks this time!" Gary exclaimed confidently. He felt that all his fists hit on Zachary, so he was very confident that Zachary would not be able to withstand his attacks.

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