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   Chapter 51 He Is Not A Wreck

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"Really? It sounds easy. Let me try..." Zachary put the Holy Bone Bracer on his right wrist, and then tried to infuse martial energy into it. He soon discovered that the Holy Bone Bracer was like a vampire as it devoured his martial energy endlessly.

It was not long when he discovered that all of his martial energy had been completely drained off and yet the Holy Bone Bracer did not seem to be full yet.

"Master Anne, are you sure that I can use this OH weapon?" Zachary asked, feeling that he was tricked.

"Oh, by the way, the Holy Bone Bracer has another ability. It can absorb the martial energy of creatures in addition to your own and make use of it. If you are in combat, you don't need to pour your own martial energy into the bracer. Instead, you can use it to absorb the opponent's martial energy. The stronger the opponent is, the more martial energy you can absorb and release. Besides, if the Holy Bone Bracer absorbs the opponent's martial energy, it will make their martial arts less powerful. This is like a defensive effect in a way. But you can only release the power of the Holy Bone Bracer once a day with your current strength. If you overuse it, it can cause a huge damage to your body. Keep that in mind!" Anne explained.

"Is that true?" Zachary asked amazedly.

"I believe that this Holy Bone Bracer will soon be of great use," Anne said. She seemed to know what would happen soon. "Well, I'm going to rest. You can leave now! If you can't enter the Celestial College, you'd better not come here again." After that, she turned and left.

"Anne, are you encouraging me in a disguised way?" Zachary shook his head, smiling, and then left the Living-dead Tomb.

Apart from Zachary, there were three other disciples entering the second round of the runoff. Two of them were at the premium stage of Earth Level and the rest one was at the medium stage of Earth Level. Almost everyone expected Chandler to win.

In their eyes, it was impossible for Zachary to win in the next round regardless of whoever his opponent was.

But when Zachary defeated Benjamin during the first round of the runoff using only one strike, some felt impressed with him.

The second round of the runoff was held as scheduled after

tle ring. Her glassy eyes sparkled with wisdom, as if she was reminded of something important as she watched him with full attention.

The sound of a gong rung through the training field that signaled the start of the second round of the runoff.

There was intense cheering around the battle ring of Zachary and Gary Qian. Of course, the disciples cheered for Gary Qian, though, not Zachary.

Gary Qian was at the six-grade of Earth Level, while Zachary was only at the third-grade of Mortal Level. Even though he defeated Benjamin in the first round, he was still very weak in the eyes of the disciples of the Welkin Sect.

Zachary sneered in his heart as his eyes swept the disciples that cheered for Gary Qian. He knew well that they would shut up soon.

Seeing that Zachary stood still even after the signal of the battle's start and didn't even prepare himself for the battle, Gary Qian decided not to give Zachary any chance. He heard how Zachary won in a strange manner when he was in preliminary contest and intermediary contest, even in the first round of the runoff, so he knew that he must defeat Zachary as soon as possible.

Gary Qian immediately assumed the martial posture for punching. His left foot dug deep into the ground as his body moved towards Zachary rapidly and fiercely. His martial energy turned into a dragon shadow and rushed towards Zachary. The attack was so powerful that it seemed as if there was a real dragon that materialized inside the battle ring.

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