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   Chapter 50 Break Benjamin's Other Arm

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6393

Updated: 2020-01-11 00:02

Zachary reappeared in front of Benjamin before anyone realized what was happening. Although Benjamin did not expect Zachary to be so fast, he reacted quickly and gathered his martial energy once more to attack Zachary.

"Go to hell!" Benjamin exclaimed and unexpectedly used a more powerful martial art this time. Five aggressive tiger shadows immediately rushed towards Zachary and threatened to overwhelm him.

But Zachary didn't dodge at all.

All disciples of the Welkin Sect shifted their eyes from the other ongoing battles and stared intently at the development of Benjamin's battle against Zachary. They were all surprised that Zachary did not even budge to avoid Benjamin's attack.

Even Lewis' face darkened as he felt his heart sink.

Elva gasped with worry.

Only Sara seemed unaffected as she watched unblinkingly at Zachary.

Zachary threw a punch that seemed weak and devoid of any martial energy or force. But his punch immediately collided with the five tiger shadows, and a huge explosion resulted from their collision. A cloud of dust filled the battle ring as the collision of martial energy threw everything away from the center of the explosion up to a distance of ten meters from Zachary and Benjamin.

A loud wailing pierced the thick cloud of dust like the sound of someone who experienced extreme pain.

There was a commotion in the spectators' area as soon as they heard the scream. They knew in their hearts that it must be Zachary screaming in pain, and knew that he was likely seriously injured.

Lewis and the stewards had the same conclusion and fear.

When the dust settled, they were all shocked as Benjamin was kneeling on the ground, his face twisted by intense pain. His last good arm lay motionless and possibly broken on his side. His reddish, tear-filled eyes stared at Zachary with disbelief, astonishment, anger and hatred.

The crowd did not expect th

aying Formula that you cultivate. It is very difficult to make an OH weapon of primary stage from the material of Rare Level that you gave me, so it was more challenging than I had expected. Even though the bracer is only at Mortal Level now, it can be upgraded after you learn weapon refining skills. It can be upgraded to the Holy Level at the most," Anne explained.

"How is it used?" Zachary asked. He listened intently and nodded as he understood Anne's explanation. He knew that she would make the OH weapon that was best for him.

"MH weapons can make use of warriors' martial energy and improve martial arts' killing power. OH weapons, on the other hand, cannot make killing attacks and are only used to provide assistance. But they can store warriors' martial energy and give enemies fatal blows. And at a critical moment, this could help turn the tide of battle. It is quite easy to use the OH weapons. Warriors only need to store their martial energy in OH weapons. Once the martial energy in an OH weapon is full, one can release their ultimate skill. Your OH weapon is at the Mortal Level now. But since it is made from a material of Rare Level, it can at least release an ultimate skill equivalent to that of a warrior at the Earth Level," Anne explained.

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