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   Chapter 49 Take Revenge

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Sara and Lewis sat side by side at the elevated platform in front of the training ground. Several stewards sat on both sides. Elva stood motionlessly on one side. She had her usual icy look that attracted the loving stares of many disciples.

A bell rang loudly. Eight disciples including Zachary walked in a single row and entered the competition area.

The runoff was composed of three rounds of one-on-one matches. Drawing lots was done at the beginning of each round to determine the match-ups. When the eight disciples completed walking into the competition area, the lots had been prepared for them to draw from.

But just before the disciples started drawing lots, Sara suddenly stood up from her seat and walked towards the front of the platform. Everyone fell silent and the drawing of lots was paused as everyone's attention became focused on her.

"Before the competition begins, I have something to say," Sara said in a calm voice. Her eyes slowly swept the crowd as she spoke.

The disciples cocked their heads to listen; some leaned forward in anticipation of her next words.

"I want all of you to know that at this point, after the preliminary and intermediary contests, these eight disciples who have qualified to enter the runoff should be considered as elite warriors of Welkin Sect. Even if they don't make it to join the Celestial College, they will attain success in the future by cultivating hard. And by that time, I am sure they will be more qualified than anybody else to be enrolled at the Celestial College. Therefore, in order to encourage them, the winners of every upcoming match will be given a bottle of third-grade pills. Moreover, the disciple who is lucky and good enough to be admitted into the Celestial College will be awarded a magical treasure that will help to significantly improve their cultivation level." Her words caused an uproar among the disciples. They felt envious of the opportunities that awaited the eight lucky disciples.

Other than Zachary, the other seven disciples were also extremely excited. They were so eager to win and obtain the rewards.

Sara then turned and walked back to her seat at Lewis' side.

After drawing lots, the eight disciples prepared for the start of the matches. To ever

unpredictable speed. He moved either really fast or really slow. But whatever he did, he managed to avoid Benjamin's attacks with ease. Benjamin became angrier with each of his attacks that missed Zachary. At the first chance he had, he shouted and violent martial energy burst forth from his fist. "Triple-tiger Fist," he shouted loudly.

The martial energy divided itself into three parts, and then turned into three tiger shadows that aimed at three vital parts of Zachary's body. The attack was so aggressive and fast.

The disciples of the Welkin Sect all knew that Zachary would not be able to dodge the Triple-tiger Fist even if he hadn't lost his five meridians.

Just when the people watching were sure that Zachary was bound to lose because of Benjamin's attack, Zachary suddenly disappeared just as the Triple-tiger Fist was about to hit him. Benjamin's attack managed to hit nothing but air. Everyone watching was shocked to see the developments in the match and the sudden shift in the situation. Even Lewis and the stewards stared at each other in disbelief. They had never seen Zachary use Shadow Pace before.

"Master Lewis, the skill that he used is not a unique movement skill of the Welkin Sect, is it?" Sara asked.

"I-It..." Lewis stammered as he struggled to find the right words to say. It was obvious to Lewis that what Zachary used was definitely not the Cloud Pace.

Lewis' embarrassed expression gave Sara all the answers that she wanted. She asked no further questions.

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