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   Chapter 48 Zachary Was Back

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Two days had passed.

When Zachary felt that time was almost up, he began to climb up the wall of the cave with his bare hands. Luckily the wall was very uneven, which made it easy for him to climb out of the cave. When he was almost at the top, he raised his head to ground level and looked around for the Blazing Roc. It was no longer around. He then climbed all the way up and disappeared in the next moment.

The intermediary contest was over because eighteen disciples had given up.

Sara, Lewis, and the eighteen disciples were waiting for the eight disciples who passed the intermediary contest at the entrance of the Burial Forest. The eight disciples were supposed to be escorted back to the entrance by the stewards.

Before long, the stewards exited the Burial Forest and brought back seven disciples.

"Why are there only seven of them? Who is not here yet?" Lewis asked when he noticed that one of the eight was missing.

"It seems that Zachary is not here!" Herman replied.

Lewis' expression immediately changed.

"Barton and I have searched everywhere, but we still couldn't find him. He might already be..." Gray sighed.

"His power was not strong enough. It was just too dangerous for him in the first place. We shouldn't have let him participate in the selection test," Herman remarked, blaming Zachary himself for the accident.

The disciples glanced at each other after hearing Lewis' words. Most of them showed an expression that they didn't care at all. Although they were all from the same sect, Zachary had always been treated as a loser. Immediately after he shocked everyone in the formal disciple selection, he was seriously injured by Bruce. Now everyone believed that he couldn't cultivate anymore. Hence, nobody ever had any confidence in him.

'He deserved it! It's a pity that I didn't get the chance to exact my revenge, ' Benjamin thought to himself. He was one of the seven disciples w

amin, who was at the premium stage of Mortal Level. The other six warriors were all at the Earth Level: three were at the premium stage, two at the medium stage, and one at the primary stage. It was highly likely that the winner would be one of the three disciples at the premium stage of the Earth Level.

Most considered it a miracle that Zachary was able to enter the runoff. However, no one thought that he was really eligible for this—they attributed his success to a series of lucky events.

The runoff was a series of one-to-one battles. The strongest was going to win—luck wouldn't be able to help anymore.

Four battle rings stood in a row on the training ground, surrounded by the disciples of the sect. There were over a thousand of them, and it was so crowded that there was no place for them to move around too much.

The four rings were set up to showcase four simultaneous battles between pairs from the eight qualified participants. Everyone expected the eight disciples to use their true ability in order to win. In the end, only one of them would be selected to enter the Celestial College. The runoff immediately became the only topic that every disciple of the Welkin Sect talked about. Everyone was eager to see who would win and make it to the Celestial College.

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