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   Chapter 47 Booklet On Weapon Refining

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Updated: 2020-01-10 02:22

"So these kinds of weapons exist in this world. That's great!" Zachary scratched his chin and then asked with great interest, "Mimi, since this hand bone is a special material for refining weapons, it is possible to forge a powerful weapon from it, right? I am wondering if the Treasure-hunting System can forge a weapon for me,"

"Because the system has only been repaired by one percent, it can't forge weapons at its current state. However, the system can provide the necessary equipment needed for weapon refining," Mimi responded.

"So the system has this capability, but it cannot be used right now?" Zachary rolled his eyes helplessly and sighed. It was rare for him to look forward to something, but he did not expect that the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

"Are there any weapon refiners in the Welkin Sect who can help refine my weapon?" Zachary asked, hoping that the reply would be favorable.

"No. The Welkin Sect has no one who is capable of that special task. But your master Anne is also a highly-skilled weapon refiner. Her Ice Needle is one of the most powerful weapons known," Mimi replied.

Zachary carefully put away the Blazing Egg, and then headed for the Living-dead Tomb with the hand bone as soon as he heard Mimi's reply.

"Master Anne, your dear disciple is here!" Zachary called out as he rushed into the Living-dead Tomb and went straight into Anne's room, but she was not there.

"That's strange. Where did she go?" Zachary looked around the tomb, and then he heard the sound of water coming from a chamber not far from where he was. His eyes brightened up. "Is Anne taking a bath now?" he whispered to himself in great excitement. Hoping to catch a glimpse of Anne's beautiful naked body, he headed to the place where he heard the flowing water.

Zachary passed through an arch, and he was surprised to find a natural hot spring that flowed in the depths of the Living-dead Tomb. In the middle of white steamy mist stood a graceful figure looking like a goddess floating among the clouds. The water concealed the lower part of her body, showing only her white and smooth back, which looked rosy red and inviting!

Zachary gulped involuntarily as he stared at the figure. He wanted to get to the middle of the pool and drink all the water so that he could see the full glory of the naked body in front of him.

But befor

one of the three highly-skilled weapon refiners, aren't you?" Zachary asked his master.

"Me? I suppose I don't really belong to this era," Anne answered vaguely. She took out a book and handed it to Zachary. "I have written this booklet on weapon refining. It's a booklet containing all the weapons that I have refined as well as my own insights on each of them. You can take this booklet, read through it and learn from it. The amount of knowledge you can learn from this booklet depends entirely on your own comprehensive ability. To learn the secrets of weapon refining, you need to focus on practice. If you are patient enough, I am sure you will make great progress."

"Thank you, Master Anne," Zachary replied. He carefully took the booklet with a look of great enthusiasm and gratitude.

"Well, you can go now. Remember to come back in seven days!" Anne then took the hand bone and left.

Seeing Anne leave and then looking back at the glistening hot spring, Zachary started to think of erotic scenes in his mind. 'When can I take a bath together with her?' he thought to himself excitedly.

After leaving the system, Zachary went back to the cave filled with the corpses of martial beasts. The cave was quite safe, so he didn't leave. He decided to stay in the cave to cultivate while he waited for the end of the trial.

Zachary initially planned to refine the Blazing Egg. But since he was not far away from reaching the Earth Level, he decided that it would be better to refine it after he reached that level, for he would reap better benefits if he had higher strength.

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