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   Chapter 46 Treasure Beasts And Weapons

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6883

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A white light suddenly shot out from the Treasure-hunting Compass and lit the cave in an instant.

"That's cool," Zachary said smiling.

He then looked around with the white light. He found that the cave was littered with skeletons and countless corpses, making it look like a mass grave.

The cave was not big. He walked forward and stopped at the end of the cave. He found that there was no other out; it was a completely enclosed space.

'I don't know if the huge bird has flown away. I might have to stay here for a while. I wonder if there's any treasure hidden in this cave...' Zachary looked around for a good spot to start and began to rummage around the cave.

He dug in the cave for a long while, but found nothing.

Just when he was about to give up, he suddenly found a bone that emitted a bluish light. It was as if the bone was sprinkled with fluorescent powder.

He picked the bone up, placed it in front of him and checked it carefully. He concluded that it was a hand bone.

'I better bring it to the system for identification along with the egg!' Zachary activated the Treasure-hunting Compass and then entered the system.

"Hello, can you please help me identify what these two are?" After entering the system, Zachary took out the egg and the hand bone, then placed them on the platform for the system to identify.

Several flashes of light shot from both sides and swept back and forth between the egg and the hand bone.

After a long while, Mimi said in a sweet voice, "Identification completed! They are a Blazing Egg and the hand bone of a human warrior respectively."

"A Blazing Egg? What treasure is that?" Zachary asked at once.

Soon, a hologram image of appeared in front of him. It was a giant bird with flames on it.

"That bird chased me just now," Zachary said with certainty.

"It's a treasure beast of Common Level which is named Blazing Roc. It can lay Blazing Eggs. Blazing Eggs can be used to improve warriors' strength," Mimi explained.

"What is a treasure beast?" Zachary raised his eyebr


And on the Supernal Continent, OH weapons were rarer than MH weapons. The materials used to refine OH weapons were usually very rare and could never be obtained easily. Therefore, on the Supernal Continent, very few warriors possessed OH weapons, and they were usually above the Imperial Level.

Most warriors on the Supernal Continent usually used MH weapons only. However, because MH weapons were also not easy to create, only warriors above the Heaven Level usually had MH weapons.

But the rarity of MH weapons was not because of the rarity of the refining materials. The real reason was that there were very few weapon refiners on the Supernal Continent that could refine MH weapons.

Weapon refiners were the common name for weapon builders or weapon smiths who had the ability to refine weapons. A weapon refiner must be a warrior because the process of refining a weapon required that a weapon refiner must quench the materials with their martial energy. This was the only method to ensure that the strength and hardness of the weapon would be able to resist the corresponding power of martial energy. The higher the level of a weapon was, the more power the weapon refiner needed. Unfortunately, on the Supernal Continent, there were very few weapon refiners above the Imperial Level. Thus, the higher the level of a weapon, the rarer it was.

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