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   Chapter 44 Getting Into The Intermediary Contest

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It was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon when Zachary took his speed test with the other four disciples.

They all stood at the starting line of the training ground. The field was surrounded by disciples of the Welkin Sect. They began to whisper when they saw Zachary.

"Rumor has it that Zachary, the loser, smashed the stone in the strength test."


"I think it's just a rumor. Do you really think that he has the capacity to smash a huge stone on his own? I heard that something went wrong during the test."

Everyone present talked about the strength test because of the unusual results.

A gong rang out and the speed test began.

The four disciples activated Cloud Pace to improve their speed and take the lead.

Zachary stood watching the four disciples as they sped off as if he was one of the audience.

The disciples watching the event unfold all stared incredulously at him. They were all very confused.

A few moments later, Zachary finally began to run off. The crowd watched him until he turned a corner where he suddenly disappeared.

Half an hour later, the onlookers started to wonder who would get back with the flags first. There were only ten flags, and whoever got five of them first would definitely pass the test.

An hour later, someone appeared within sight of the spectators.

"Someone is on the way back!"

"Wow, that's fast! Did he get five flags?"

"I bet that's the senior at the Earth Level."

Everyone was eager to know who was able to finish the test so soon.

As the figure came closer to the crowd, everyone was surprised to see who he was. Carrying ten flags, Zachary walked towards the crowd triumphantly, acting like a conquering hero. Meanwhile, the other four disciples were nowhere in sight.

Zachary walked back to the starting line slowly. He threw ten flags to the ground, and then clapped his hands before raising them at the same time. "Done!" he exclaimed at the crowd who watched him with complete disbelief.

Everyone present was so shocked that they didn't know how to react. Even though Zachary was the last one to set out, he got back first. And to everyone's surprise, he carried back ten flags. They all wondered how he was able to do it.

What they didn

nted but it was barely noticeable.

Gary announced the result upon his return to the training ground. As expected, many disciples tried to protest, especially the four disciples who were in the same group with Zachary.

"Master Lewis said that you can present evidence of cheating if you don't accept the result. If you can't, please accept that your skills are just not as good as his!" Gary said in a serious tone.

All the disciples remained silent after hearing Gary's words.

Zachary won the first place in the speed test. Since the other four disciples in the group didn't get any flags, they were all tied for second place. This meant that even if Zachary decided not to take the last test, he would be able to get into the intermediary contest.

The result caused uproar among the disciples of the Welkin Sect. No one expected that it would be Zachary, the loser, who would get into the intermediary contest.

Only the top two from each group made it to the intermediary contest. This was equivalent to only twenty-six disciples entering the intermediary contest, and Zachary was one of them. Twenty disciples at the Earth Level had attended the preliminary contest, and all of them were able to get into the intermediary contest. Other than Zachary, the other five disciples were at the premium stage of the Mortal Level.

Zachary became the first disciple at the primary stage of the Mortal Level that was able to get into the intermediary contest in the Welkin Sect's history.

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