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   Chapter 43 Will You Marry Me

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Updated: 2020-01-09 10:51

Shortly after Zachary had comfortably positioned himself for sleep, a familiar fragrance caught his nose. He sprang up at once. A pair of eyes met his wide-open eyes.

The beautiful figure was visibly startled by Zachary's sudden movement. She jumped back a step.

"Elva, what are you doing here? Are you peeking at me?" Zachary asked as he bent forward a little as if he wondered about the idea himself.

"Me? Peeking at you? You make me sick!" Elva replied with an expression of surprise and shock.

"I make you sick?" Zachary asked. "Are you pregnant? Is the baby mine?"

"What are you talking about?" Elva exclaimed. She was so aggravated that she turned around to leave.

"Goodbye Elva!" Zachary said. He never intended to stop her. He then rested himself back into a comfortable sleeping position.

When Elva turned around and found that Zachary was about to sleep again, she felt angrier. Her face turned red like cherry. She went right back to him.

"Elva, do you need anything?" Zachary stood up and asked when he noticed Elva was on her way back.

"I don't need anything! I don't want to talk to you!" Elva said angrily as she folded her arms. She unintentionally squeezed her plump breasts into an even more seductive shape.

"Really? I guess that is understandable. I'm a piece of trash now and you're the most promising disciple of the Welkin Sect. Why would you even talk to me?" Zachary said in a low tone, acting pitiful.

"I didn't say you were trash!" Elva replied. She felt sorry for Zachary. She knew that he would never become a warrior again.

"Don't be pessimistic. Maybe there is still a chance. Actually, I did have something to tell you," Elva said in a voice that was softer than usual.

If any other disciple heard how soft Elva spoke to Zachary, they might become petrified.

"I heard that you shattered the rock that was used f

st one healthy arm," Zachary retorted.

Those words made Benjamin angrier. His eyes blazed with fury. "I will make it to the runoff even with just one arm. I ranked second in both the strength test and the speed test. I'm already qualified for the intermediary contest now!" Benjamin replied. "What about you? Can you even make it to the intermediary contest?"

"Haven't you heard the news? I was so lucky to shatter the rock in the strength test. Because of that, I ranked first in the strength test," Zachary replied triumphantly, clapping his hands slowly to provoke Benjamin even further.

"What? Is that true?" Benjamin's face darkened. He already heard the story, but he just couldn't bring himself to believe it.

"It doesn't matter. You can't rely on luck again in the speed test!"

"We'll see. I'm really looking forward to meeting you in the runoff. That will be the perfect chance to break your other arm. Benjamin, you're going to be the armless hero! Aren't you excited about it?" Zachary smiled mockingly as he murmured to Benjamin. His words sent a feeling of dread into Benjamin's entire being.

He did not feel fear but he involuntarily shivered a little.

Zachary left Benjamin standing and went to where his group was.

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