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   Chapter 42 Broke The Stone With One Punch

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The disciple at the Earth Level drew the audience's attention as he approached the stone. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, waiting to see his performance.

The disciple walked towards the huge stone and lunged his fist at it. In a split second, the martial energy exploded from his body.

Before they could blink their eyes, a loud sound came from the stone. The huge stone was pushed forward by the disciple's power. It moved forward, sending bits of ground stones and dust up as it scraped the ground.

"Three inches!" the examiner announced. The audience was amazed by the disciple's record. They all stared at him agape in surprise.

"Three inches! That's an incredible score!"

"It seems to me that he would get the first prize in this competition."

"The last contestant is a piece of trash. I guess that there is nothing else worth seeing here. Let's go and watch the other groups!"

A smug smile spread across the disciple's face for he felt very proud of his record. When he returned, he held his head high and cast an arrogant glance at Zachary. He totally enjoyed his triumph.

Since the four contestants had finished their tests, Zachary was the only one left in this group.

As Zachary caught a glimpse of the surroundings, he noticed that a large number of disciples had left to watch the other groups. Only a small number remained in their seats and stared at him with complete disdain on their faces. They had lost their enthusiasm for the test and just wanted to witness Zachary embarrass himself.

'Just wait and see!' Zachary thought to himself and chuckled. He was not irritated by their deliberate provocations and remained composed in front of the audience. As he started his turn, he walked around the huge stone and measured the height of the stone with his eyes. To everyone's surprise, he didn't hit it. Instead, he placed his hands on the surface of the stone and moved them towards different areas of the stone's surface.

The disciples were totally confused by Zachary's strange actions. It seemed to them that Zachary was not there for a real test, but to humiliate himself. It was impossible not to notice the derisive stares that they threw at Zachary as he proceeded with his seemingly foolish actions.

Ignoring the disciples' reactions, Zachary stood firmly in front of the huge stone as he finished his preparations. He simply clenched his fist tightly into a ball and gently placed it on the exact spot that he had determined before. He then slightly knocked on the surface of the stone with a minimal amount of force.

"I'm done," Zachary calmly declared as he raised his hand that indicated that he had finished his test.

The audience all froze when they heard what he said. They all stared blankly at him with wide open eyes.

tion quests.

Gray then went back to the terrace and reported the strange thing that happened in Zachary's group to Lewis.

"What? What did you just say? Zachary broke the test stone into pieces in the strength test?" Lewis and the other stewards shouted in disbelief when they heard what Gray said.

"Gray, the test stone should at least be able to withstand the attack from a warrior at the Heaven Level. How could it be broken into pieces by a mere nobody?" Herman asked in a confused tone.

"I agree with you. How did he manage to break the test stone? Even if he has powerful skills, I still think that it is beyond his capacity to break the test stone.

How could that happen? That is so strange! Such a thing has never happened before in the competition."

The other stewards looked at each other in confusion.

"Although I am not sure how he was able to do it, one thing I'm sure of is that the stone broke into pieces after Zachary lunged his fist at it," Gray replied.

"Maybe he won the test by luck," Lewis calmly said and cast a glance at Sara.

Sara appeared unaffected by the developments and remained silent. Her eyes had a distant faraway look as she glimpsed Zachary's group briefly. She was lost in her thoughts and seemed to be thinking about something very serious.

Seeing that Sara didn't have any objections, Lewis felt a surge of relief.

The speed test would follow the strength test.

The second round was also a simple one. The contestants would run one lap of the entire Welkin Sect in a designated route and fetch the flags along the route within ninety minutes. The one who collected the most number of flags would become the winner.

The constants were divided into different groups in the second round too, and Zachary's group was the last but one. With time to kill, he found a secluded place and dozed off.

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