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   Chapter 41 The First Round

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"You must have misunderstood them. There is nothing between Elva and Zachary," Lewis replied.

"Is that so? Maybe I did get it wrong." Sara smiled, nodding her head.

Almost at the same time, Elva walked to the stage and bowed to them. "Good morning, Master Lewis, Master Sara, Master..."

"Elva! It's nice that you've come. Master Sara was just talking about you. She has high expectations of you and says that you're gifted with talent," Lewis said. He smiled proudly at Elva.

"Thank you very much, Master Sara!" Elva was not a person who would flatter others. However, Sara was a warrior at the Imperial Level and was the invigilator from the Celestial College. Hence she was cautious not to displease Sara. She bowed to her to show her gratitude and respect, but her face was still cold.

The way Sara stared at Elva made her uncomfortable, but Elva decided to ignore it. She turned to Lewis and said, "Master Lewis, I was wondering if Zachary would be in the selection test."

"I happened to see the list of participants just now. He didn't quit. But I don't know whether he will be here to join or not. Never mind. It's his choice!" replied Lewis. Lewis was surprised to hear Zachary's name from Elva. After recalling what Sara had mentioned just now, he threw a glance at Sara helplessly.

"He is a piece of trash now. He can't even use his martial energy. If he insists on joining, he will only end up humiliating himself. I suppose he understands his situation," Sara remarked suddenly.

Lewis and the other stewards all felt a bit embarrassed. Even though there was nothing wrong with her words, they felt like she ridiculed Zachary quite harshly.

"Who says he's a piece of trash?" Elva asked. She felt offended by Sara's disdainful comment.

"I said so. Isn't it true?" Sara scoffed.

"Even though you're at the Imperial Level, you should still respect others. Zachary is only injured right now. I believe he will be able to bounce back

und began. Each disciple had to hit a rock that was two meters in height and a hundred and fifty kilograms in weight. They were graded based on the distance the rock moved.

The rock had gone through a prior test. It was able to withstand the force of a warrior at the Heaven Level. If nothing went wrong, it wouldn't shatter from the attacks of the disciples.

"The test begins now! Who would like to start?" The disciple in charge of the test of Zachary's group motioned for one of them to start.

"I'll try first!" One of the disciples at the medium stage of Mortal Level couldn't wait to give it a try. He breathed in deeply, positioned himself in a horse stance, focused his power into his fist and punched the rock with all his might.

With the sound of collision, the rock shifted slightly.

"One inch!" the examiner called out.

"Not bad!" The disciple seemed to be rather satisfied with his result.

Another disciple walked towards the rock and punched the rock in the same way as the previous one did.

"One point three inches!" Then the third disciple took his turn at the rock.

"One point five inches!"

The three disciples at the Mortal Level had finished their turns. The fourth one was the only disciple at the Earth Level, who was most likely to win the contest in the group.

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