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   Chapter 40 The Selection Test Begins

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Zachary followed Elva all the way out of the Bamboo Gully. She then kept walking towards the direction of Zachary's tent.

Elva didn't speak at all as they walked. The dim illumination of the moonlight revealed to Zachary the cold light in her eyes. She was obviously mad at him.

"You don't have to walk me to my tent. I can go back by myself," Zachary said, to break the awkward silence between them. He knew that it would be pointless to explain what he had done.

"Why did you give up on yourself and sink to such depths?" Elva asked sharply as she stopped walking all of a sudden.

"Huh?" Zachary froze for a moment, but immediately understood what Elva meant. It turned out that she misunderstood him and thought that he was there to peep at Sara while she bathed because he was disheartened by his serious injuries.

"Although five of your meridians were broken, they still can be completely healed. If you work hard, you will be able to become a warrior again. If you need any help, find me and I will help you. Just stop doing stupid things like this. And, don't let me feel disappointed in you ever again!" Elva said in an agitated, broken tone that showed how much she hated Zachary's degenerating behavior. She sounded sharp and straightforward, which was not her usual manner.

Because of Zachary's actions, Elva didn't behave like usual herself and lost her temper. He never expected such a thing to happen. Even she never expected it at all.

"I am leaving now," she said. She suddenly realized that she seemed out of her usual self. She was aware that she shouldn't care about Zachary because they were not even close friends. She didn't even know him two months ago. And now she was mad at him because he seemed to be giving up and degenerating because of his injuries. Such a thing was totally out of her expectations.

Elva immediately turned and hurried away as soon as she finished speaking. It was as if she committed some shameful deed.

'It never occurred to me that Elva was so worried about me. Alas, if I had known about it earlier, I would have been more cautious in peeking at Sara. I wouldn't let Elva down again...' Zachary smiled as his eyes flashed with evil but charming light.

Time passed by in the blink of an eye and the day of the selection test arrived.

This time, a total of more than sixty disciples from the Welkin Sect participated in the selection test. The entire Welkin Sect had only twenty disciples at the Earth Level, and all of them participate

true that the strongest would always win in the end.

"By the way, Master Lewis, I saw Elva last night," Sara said abruptly with her brows furrowed slightly, as if something came across her mind.

"Really? If so, may I know your opinion of Elva?" Lewis asked Sara excitedly. Elva was his favorite disciple.

"Her qualification is pretty good. Even at her current age, she has triple martial speed. It's very rare. Even the Celestial College only has a few disciples who have the triple martial speed at her age. I was almost the same age as her when I managed to have triple martial speed. If she can continue to make such great improvements, she will soon make a breakthrough and achieve quadruple martial speed!" Sara gave a fairly high evaluation of Elva.

Lewis and the stewards were relieved to hear such a high evaluation of Elva, but they were also very shocked. What Sara said also meant that her current martial speed qualification was already quadruple or even higher. No wonder she had already become a warrior at the Imperial Level at such a young age.

"Master Sara, thank you for the compliment!" Lewis, who was always a calm and composed person, couldn't help but smile.

"However, I don't know what relationship Elva and Zachary have. Last night, I saw them together and they seemed to be..." Sara said and stopped abruptly, keeping Lewis and the stewards in suspense. She seemed to indicate to them that there existed a special relationship between the two disciples that they were likely not even aware of.

Lewis then exchanged surprised glances with the other stewards. They realized that she knew more about the two disciples than they did.

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