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   Chapter 39 Peeking At Sara

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"I also have a bottle of second-grade pills. They are of no use to me now. I'll just give them to you." Sara took out a bottle of pills once more and threw it to Zachary.

'What is she doing?' Zachary wondered. 'She gave me a therapeutic pill and also a bottle of second-grade pills. Is she up to something?' The other disciples were shocked. They felt like banging their heads on a wall. They couldn't understand why Sara gave Zachary so many precious pills. Was it because she pitied Zachary so much?

"Master Sara, I think the pills are too precious for him!" Benjamin said out loud. He felt like he spoke on behalf of the disciples, challenging Sara's decision.

"Who do you think you are? Who are you to question me? Sprint a hundred laps around the training ground!" Sara ordered, pointing a finger at Benjamin in anger.

Benjamin was stupefied for a moment as he realized what just happened. He never thought that Sara would be angry at him. She wasn't someone that he could disobey. All he could do was cast a vengeful glare at Zachary and began to do as he was told.

The other disciples felt it was unfair, but they all kept their mouths shut and their heads low.

"Now, can you leave?" Sara said to Zachary after she stared at the other disciples.

She seemed to have made up her mind. This was obvious to Zachary now. He knew that there was no use protesting further. He received valuable items from Sara, anyway. He took the fourth-grade green therapeutic pill and the bottle of second-grade pills, and then left the training ground.

When he was back in the system, he had the system check the bottle of pills. It turned out that the pills were all second-grade green cultivation-aiding pills.

"I'm so lucky!" Zachary was ecstatic. He jumped around dancing. When he finally calmed down, he murmured to himself, "She must have a hidden reason to kick me out. Should I approach her in the evening? Maybe she is hinting at something. Does she want me to sleep with her?" A lustful smile crept onto his face as he thought about the possibility.

That evening, a dark figure, under the cover of dim moonlight, sneaked into the well-guarded Bamboo Gull

lly?" Sara asked in a cold voice.

"Zachary said that he wanted to see you. That's why I brought him with me," Elva explained as she took a glance at Zachary.

"What are you here for? Haven't I made myself clear? I don't want to see you again!" Sara put on an annoyed look.

"Master Sara, I just wanted to say thank you. I forgot to thank you when you gave me the pills," Zachary said sincerely.

"I was just pitying you. If you don't have anything else, you can leave now!" Then, before Zachary could say another word, she turned and went back into her cottage.

"Follow me," Elva said coldly to Zachary when Sara was gone.

Shaking his head helplessly, Zachary understood that Elva must be angry. 'It seems that my good luck has run out, ' he thought to himself.

After the two disciples were gone, Sara walked out of the cottage. Eyes fixed at the hole on the window paper, she whispered to herself, "It seems that Master Katrina is right. This guy is rather sly. I thought of observing him longer, but there's no need to do that now. I have to do the task Master Katrina asked me to do as soon as possible. But it surprised me that Elva helped him cover up. They may have some special relationship. I heard that Elva was cold towards all men. Why would she do such a thing for Zachary? She should have known that the consequences would be dire if I caught her lying. So interesting!" Sara went back into the cottage with a smile.

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