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   Chapter 38 The Benefit Of Being Shameless

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"What is it that you wanted to ask, Master Sara?" Lewis asked as he turned his full attention to her.

"Master Lewis, I thought you said that the disciple named Zachary Zi was injured?" Sara asked frankly.

"That is correct," Lewis replied as he nodded his head.

"What kind of injury is it?" Sara continued.

"Hmm..." Lewis hesitated. Since the injury was from a fight among disciples, telling the truth could bring shame to the Welkin Sect.

"It's okay if it is sensitive. I just want to know how serious his injury is." Sara said, sensing that Lewis was reluctant to share.

"It's rather serious. Five of his meridians have been broken. Actually he is a talented disciple. If he didn't suffer from such a severe injury, he would surely be one of the best disciples of our Welkin Sect," Lewis sighed, obviously feeling sorry for the sect's loss.

"Five meridians?" Sara seemed to be taken aback. Just now at the training ground, Zachary didn't appear like five of his meridians were broken. If he indeed suffered from such an injury, he wouldn't be able to use his martial energy at all. In hindsight, Zachary didn't really make any move that required a substantial amount of martial energy. That was one possibility behind it.

"Master Sara, may I know why you are concerned with Zachary's injury?" Lewis and the stewards were curious about Sara's question. They didn't think that she'd be curious about his injury at all. And since Zachary was quite offensive the day before, they thought that her first impression of Zachary was rather bad. And yet they were surprised that she seemed to care about the condition of Zachary's injury. This made Lewis and the stewards suspicious.

"I do not care about his injury actually. What I do care about is the fact that if he is indeed suffering from such a severe injury, it wouldn't help him no matter how much advice I give him..." It seemed to Lewis and the stewards that Sara had made a decision regarding the matter.

"Master Sara, would you prefer that Zachary focus on recovery first?" Lewis asked, having read the hidden meaning of S

re curious about Zachary now. 'What kind of movement skill is he using? Clearly it isn't like any other movement skill. He even managed to move without me detecting it!'

"Master Beauty, do you want to reconsider your decision?" Zachary asked, unwilling to give up.

"Zachary, how dare you be so rude to Master Sara!" Benjamin berated Zachary. He saw this as an opportunity to impress Sara. He then turned to Sara and said, "Master Sara, please allow me to teach this disrespectful trash a harsh lesson on your behalf!"

The other disciples all supported Benjamin and there was an uproar in the crowd.

"Quiet!" Sara exclaimed.

The crowd immediately fell quiet.

She stared at Zachary and contemplated for a second. Then she said, "I said I wouldn't coach you anymore. I will not change my mind. However, since you're injured, I have a fourth-grade green therapeutic pill for you."

She took out a green pill from her sachet and threw it to Zachary as soon as she finished speaking.

Zachary took a close look at the pill in his hand—it was indeed a fourth-grade green therapeutic pill. Even though it couldn't match the Heaven and Earth Pill that he gave Elva before, it was still a very valuable pill.

The other disciples had no idea what just happened. They couldn't understanding how Zachary received a fourth-grade green therapeutic pill so easily when he acted so shamelessly.

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