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   Chapter 37 Can I Have The Reward

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Sara went back to the training ground. Zachary followed her and arrived at the field too. The other disciples who were still battling against each other were surprised to find them together. No one noticed that they even had left. Their imagination ran wild upon they saw the two together.

"What is that trash doing with Master Sara?"

"Only God knows. Maybe she needed to use the washroom, so she asked that trash to show her the way..." "Damn! That was a missed chance! Why didn't she choose me instead?"

"Worry not! Master Sara wouldn't like that trash anyway! She won't even talk to him if he isn't so shameless!" Most of the disciples in the field stopped fighting and started chatting.

Different versions of stories about what they could have done were created faster than the attacks that they threw at each other now that their attention was focused on the two.

"That guy is trying to impress Master Sara too! And he wants to have a head start. Well, he's dreaming!" Benjamin spat, annoyed that Zachary had his chance to be with Sara. 'What makes Zachary so irresistible? Not only did he get Elva's attention, but now he also gets along well with Master Sara. I just can't understand it!' he roared in his heart.

"What are you standing around for? Continue!" Sara ordered when she noticed that the disciples stopped fighting.

Soon, the disciples all cheered up and rushed towards the twelve selected disciples at the center.

"There's one more here!" Sara reminded the disciples as she looked at Zachary with a wicked smile.

Zachary was immediately surrounded by a few disciples at the medium stage of Mortal Level. However, since he was known for badly beating Benjamin, none of them dared to attack him directly.

Sara was surprised to see that the disciples at the medium stage of Mortal Level feared Zachary so much.

Eventually, a few disciples started to attack Zachary, but they couldn't even get close to him to get their attacks in.

'He has an awesome movement skill

red if he was simply insane.

"He is just so arrogant! But he will face the harsh truth very soon!" Benjamin jeered, for he believed that Zachary was no longer able to cultivate anymore. No matter how Sara trained him, he wouldn't be able to improve or even use his martial energy. Even if he participated in the selection test, he would only end up being ashamed.

"Let's end the morning session. We'll continue after lunch." After Sara announced this coldly, she turned around and left without a word.

Zachary stared at the disciples present, smiled coldly and then left.

Sara headed to the Heavenly Martial Hall.

Lewis, who was discussing the details of the selection process with the stewards, quickly rose to his feet and greeted Sara.

"Master Sara, I thought you were coaching the disciples at the training ground. What brings you here?" Lewis asked.

"We're having a break," Sara replied.

"Really? Please take a seat, Master Sara. We are still deciding how to best do the selection process. We could use your advice," Lewis suggested courteously.

"You do not need my advice. You are free to decide on your own." She paused slightly and thought about something. It was as if she was looking for the right words for what she was about to say. "Actually I've come to ask about one thing," Sara said at length.

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