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   Chapter 36 Sara's Purpose

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The night passed uneventfully.

Zachary returned to the real world the next morning and immediately went to the training ground of the Welkin Sect. He and twelve other disciples of the Welkin Sect were selected to receive special guidance from Sara before the selection test started. He would naturally not miss the chance of having intimate contact with Sara. After all, his objective was to conquer all beautiful women!

The training ground was already full of people when Zachary arrived. Aside from the twelve other disciples that were selected by Sara, at least two or three hundred disciples also surrounded the field. They were doing their morning exercises, while at the same time, they looked in all directions, waiting for someone to appear.

"They are a group of horny men. There may be a great number of female disciples in the Welkin Sect, including Elva, but it seems that these men still can't resist the charm of this beautiful invigilator... However, it is understandable. Even if there are already beautiful women around, most men would still want to go for other seductive beauties instead. This is the true nature of a man!" Zachary whispered to himself with a sigh, as if he knew exactly the true nature of every man.

As soon as Zachary stepped into the training ground, there was a commotion not far away. He then saw a beautiful lady coming through the crowd, which turned out to be Sara. She was dressed in elegant yellow yesterday, but today, she had changed into a plum-red robe, which exaggerated her beautiful face and gave her a unique charm of masculinity.

The disciples in the training ground became excited as Sara walked closer. If not for her strength, they would've probably rushed to her like hungry tigers pouncing at a helpless sheep. However, as they dared not approach Sara, all they could do was imagine Sara in erotic and inappropriate scenes.

Sara paid no attention to the disciples who watched her with indecent and dirty thoughts. She went straight to the thirteen disciples of the Welkin Sect that included Zachary and asked in a sweet voice, "I assume that everyone is here, right? Let us begin."

The chosen thirteen wanted to immediately start the training and have intimate interaction with the beautiful invigilator. They secretly rubbed their hands excitedly as they waited for Sara's coaching. Sara's next sentence shocked all of them.

"Since I do not know what you are truly capable of, let's start with all o

posture with one of his hands on his waist. He didn't even give Sara the chance to state her true intention.

"Shut up!" Sara exclaimed as she stared at Zachary with a vicious look. Her glassy eyes stared at him, as if staring at a toad with an expression of disgust and loathing.

"So even if I tell you the truth, it will not stop your determination to express your deep love for me. Since your love is truly tempting and hard to refuse, I will listen to what you want to say! However, you must be prepared for the possibility to be rejected by me..." Zachary said brazenly without shame of his great arrogance.

Sara became so angry that she almost slapped Zachary. But she took a deep breath and calmed down. "I have something to ask you."

"What do you want to know? My height, weight, blood type, zodiac sign, or... Whatever you ask, I will answer to satisfy your curiosity about me." Zachary flirted with her in a shameless tone. He deliberately behaved so shamelessly in order to test Sara's true nature and find out why she secretly led him here.

"You are such a shameless guy! Forget it. I have nothing to ask you anymore," said Sara after hearing Zachary's outrageous words. She immediately turned away as a look of displeasure crossed her face, for she couldn't put up with his ridiculous attitude.

'She gets angry so quickly? Ha-ha, it appears that she is still an innocent and sensitive girl. However, since she brought me here in private, she must have a purpose. When I return, I'd like to probe into her true intentions...' Zachary guessed, with his eyes turning cold and indifferent. But he immediately followed Sara.

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