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   Chapter 35 Unexpected

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When Zachary came back from the second world, he heard that an invigilator was sent by the Celestial College to supervise the selection test and that she was currently at the training ground of the Welkin Sect. So he rushed there immediately. Because he knew it was a rare opportunity to take instructions from an invigilator, he didn't want to miss it.

By the time he got there, Sara had already selected several disciples. But Zachary didn't want to be left out. Moreover, the invigilator was a beautiful woman, so he stepped out to volunteer himself.

"Who are you?" Sara looked at Zachary, who stood in front of her. He looked a little casual, but his smiling eyes gave her a strange feeling of confidence and ignorance.

"My name is Zachary Zi, and I am also eligible for the selection test. Something happened to me just now, and that's why I'm late," Zachary said introducing himself.

His words caused an uproar among the people present. It was known to everyone that his five meridians were broken. Everyone knew that he could no longer be a warrior his entire life. Taking part in the selection test was therefore impossible and pointless. But now he asked Sara to coach him. He probably became so miserable that he had gone crazy.

"Zachary, are you still going to participate in the selection test?" Lewis asked in a serious tone after he heard what Zachary said.

"Of course I am," Zachary answered. Serious determination was carved deeply on his face as he stared at Lewis.

"But you haven't recovered from your injury yet, and I think that your condition is not good enough yet to participate in this selection test..." Lewis was in utter confusion. Zachary should have known that he would not do well in the selection test in his current state. Thus, it was unreasonable for him to ask Sara to coach him as well.

Even if Zachary wasn't injured, it was almost impossible for him to be selected by Sara. Although he had double martial speed, his cultivation was just at the third grade of Mortal Level, which meant that he was just at the primary stage of Mortal Level. Even if he participated in the selection test right now in healthy condition, he would sti

e done the same thing.

"Thank you very much, Master Beauty!" Zachary said; he smiled broadly and anyone could see that his eyes were full of self-confidence.

"Let's call it a day!" Sara said to Lewis. She didn't seem to care what Zachary called her.

Lewis immediately ordered two female disciples to accompany Sara to her cottage to rest.

Zachary also swaggered away under the stares of the other disciples. Lewis shook his head and sighed, more in relief than in disappointment. Then he also left with the stewards of the Welkin Sect.

Sara, led by two female disciples, arrived at Bamboo Gully and went to the prepared cottage to rest.

Once inside, Sara closed the door of the cottage and took out a scroll. She unrolled the scroll carefully. A figure appeared on it that looked like Zachary by ninety percent.

"It should be him. I thought it would not be easy to find him among the thousands of disciples in the Welkin Sect. I did not expect that he'd send himself to me." Sara stared at the portrait with a faint smile.

Zachary was back to his tent as he pondered the events of the day. Without warning, he suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose and said to himself, "This is strange. I suddenly sneezed. There might be a beauty who is thinking about me. Elva or Anne... Or, the beauty invigilator from the Celestial College..."

Zachary entered the system as he pondered this. And then he continued to practice in the second world.

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