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   Chapter 34 I Also Want To Be Coached

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Sara's eyes swept across the Welkin Sect's disciples who stared at her in shock and affection. She remained composed, though, as if she was used to similar situations. She then reverted her gaze back at Lewis and said, "When will the selection test begin?"

"In five days," Lewis answered. "Master Sara, we prepared a cottage for you at the Bamboo Gully. I believe you are tired from your journey. Do you want me to assign a disciple to show you the way so that you can rest?"

"There is no need. Summon the disciples who will participate in the selection test. I want to have a look at the young talents first." After Sara said that, she walked past Lewis dispassionately and entered the sect.

Lewis and the other stewards immediately followed her. He ordered the disciples to gather at the training ground.

A few minutes later, all the disciples of the Welkin Sect who were eligible for the selection test gathered at the training ground. The other disciples also came to see the invigilator, as they had heard that the invigilator was unusually beautiful.

"Are they all here?" Sara asked Lewis. She looked at the disciples of the Welkin Sect before her, whose martial power ranged from Mortal Level to Earth Level.

"They're all here. If you happen to find anyone that you think is promising, feel free to give them some advice if you please." Though the role of an invigilator was to monitor the selection test, it was also routine for them to give the most talented disciples some advice on cultivation, so that the talented disciples would be able to do their best during the selection. This was also meant for the Celestial College to get the best candidate.

Sara walked into the group of disciples participating in the selection test. Hands at her back, she carefully studied each disciple. After she examined a fe

have been a fortunate turn of events because the invigilator would only coach the disciples who were eligible for the selection test but never the disciples who were directly recruited by the Celestial College. If he had known that Sara had such an intention, he would have cancelled Bruce's punishment and have allowed Elva to stay in the sect.

"Okay I see. I can still coach them after they go to the Celestial College." Sara nodded her head thoughtfully.

"Thank you very much, Master Sara. I guess you should be quite tired by now. Why not take a rest at the Bamboo Gully?"

Sara nodded in acknowledgement.

"You're all dismissed. For the twelve disciples who were selected, you all need to be prepared to be coached," Lewis announced to the disciples.

When the disciples were about to leave, a loud voice called out unexpectedly, "Wait!"

The disciples of the Welkin Sect turned to look at the direction of the voice. A figure squeezed through the crowd and walked up to Sara. "Master Beauty, I also want to be coached by you. Is that okay?"

Such a rude statement shocked the disciples present. The sect leader and the stewards were also shocked.

The person who spoke was none other than Zachary!

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