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   Chapter 33 The Invigilator

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"This sub-quest wants me to sleep with Elva... Sound like fun, but definitely not easy to do!" Zachary seemed to be whining but in truth he was excited to receive the sub-quest. Compared to previous quests, this one was the most difficult so far but way more meaningful as well. After all, sleeping with Elva would mean that they had developed a real relationship. It was also one of Zachary's goals.

'Hmm...she is more powerful than me, so it's not possible to forcibly have sex with her. I will have to resort to other methods, drugging her maybe? But I can't let Elva know that it is me. I have to frame somebody else, like Bruce...' Zachary thought about the possibilities and smiled. This was his dark side.

He considered a lot of things in order to ensure the success of his plan. Moreover, he didn't have any aphrodisiac, nor did he have any idea how and where to get one.

He then went to the Martial Training Field and chose a cultivation quest of medium level. Then he started his cultivation. He planned to absorb the martial energy left by Anne. If what Anne told him was true, he should be able to reach the seven grade of Mortal Level when he assimilated all of her martial energy.

The selection test for the Celestial College loomed closer with each passing day. He needed to fully absorb the martial energy and improve himself so that he would become eligible to enter the Celestial College.

While Zachary was immersed in cultivation, the invigilator from the Celestial College arrived at the Welkin Sect.

Each clan or sect in the Enigmatic Kingdom was entitled to a certain number of warriors that they could send to the Celestial College. To ensure the fairness of the process—only the best disciples were selected—when the sects and clans carried out their internal selection,

e leader of the Welkin Sect, Lewis Xuan." Lewis stepped forward, cupping his hands to show his respect. Without a doubt, this lady was none other than the invigilator sent by the Celestial College.

"I am the invigilator from the Celestial College, Sara Long," the lady said, as she introduced herself.

"Are you the same Sara who ranked fifth in the contest of new disciples at the Imperial Level among the four martial colleges last year?" Lewis asked as he seemed to remember the name.

The contest of new disciples at the Imperial Level was a contest for all warriors who reached the Imperial Level in the last five years. Two of the warriors from the Celestial College made it into the top ten, one male and one female. The female warrior was called Sara Long. Since she rarely appeared in the public, few had actually seen her.

When Lewis said that, the disciples of the Welkin Sect were shocked. None of them could have imagined that this lady was a top ten warrior among all disciples who newly attained the Imperial Level in the four martial colleges. This lady's power was equal to their sect leader's power, but what amazed them more was that she looked like she was in her twenties.

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