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   Chapter 32 An Cultivation Boosting Pill

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"Do it. I'm incapacitated already anyway. How worse could it be to ruin a few more meridians! I'm going through a hell lot of pain right now. You can't possibly make it any worse," Zachary replied miserably.

His words stung Elva; she quickly realized the truth that he was badly incapacitated by his injuries. And her words would only hurt Zachary even further. She was not an inconsiderate and heartless person who would inflict further pain on someone suffering a lot. And in fact, she never really intended to kill Zachary in the first place. He had touched and kissed her already. If she reignited her anger each time she saw Zachary, it would not change anything. It was pointless to hurt Zachary now, especially since he had suffered a lot already.

"Fine, it's water under the bridge. But you must keep it a secret. If anyone finds out about it, I'll definitely kill you!" Elva threatened.

"I will never let anyone know about what happened that day. Elva, you're really a warmhearted person! You are not only beautiful, but also very kind. You're like an angel who came down from heaven..." Zachary exclaimed.

"All right, stop the ass-kissing. Just keep moving!" Elva said. She blushed a little when she heard Zachary's words of appreciation. She took a deep breath, returned to her usual cold expression and walked on.

'The misunderstanding between us should be considered resolved. And that sub-quest should be considered complete.' Zachary felt relieved. That was because if he cleared their misunderstanding, he could complete and clear the sub-quest of Eliminate the Misunderstanding.

'Next, I should prepare for the selection test. I will have to show everyone in the Welkin Sect of my power and make Elva admire my skills, ' Zachary thought to himself as he watched Elva walk away.

He thought about it and he knew that it wouldn't be an easy task to make Elv


"Cool! That is amazing! Unfortunately, it is only available through main quests," Zachary said in a tone that hinted of regret. But since a Cultivation Boosting Pill took its user directly from the current grade to the next, it could be considered a very powerful advantage. He was eager to obtain that pill.

"You can now access the next sub-quest in the series," Mimi said.

"This annoyingly difficult series of quests is finally coming to an end. I hope the very last sub-quest is not the craziest of them all..." Zachary said. He felt both eagerness and anxiety. He was eager to get the quest because ending it would mean that he would be able to get the next main quest afterwards. He felt anxious because it might be the craziest one in the series. Another reason why he wanted to complete the main quest was for him to get the treasure reward once the quest was completed.

"You have received the last sub-quest—'Unforgettable Moment'—and you must sleep with Elva in the same bed and you must have skin contact. There is no requirement to the time and place..."

Zachary rolled his eyes and said, "Mimi, why is this quest so crazy? Are you sure you didn't read the wrong quest?"

"I am one hundred percent sure," Mimi answered.

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