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   Chapter 31 Be Badly Injured

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At that very moment, Lewis, the leader of the Welkin Sect looked around at everyone, turned his attention to Bruce, and then asked, "Bruce, why did you attack Zachary?" Lewis' voice wasn't loud, but it rang with authority.

"Because he insulted me, provoked me and wounded disciples of our sect, including Benjamin. So I taught him a lesson. But I didn't intend to beat him that hard," Bruce answered calmly. He had known from the beginning that he would be questioned. So, he cooked up a good excuse beforehand.

"Benjamin, why did Zachary fight you? Even if he could fight other disciples with his current strength, he definitely couldn't have beaten you!" Lewis pressed. He was suspicious the moment he heard Bruce's explanation. The whole fight seemed very strange to him. Everyone at the Welkin Sect knew that Zachary only became a formal disciple not too long ago. Thus, he couldn't possibly have gained that much strength in such a short time. And since Benjamin possessed the strength at the eighth grade of Mortal Level, which was a much higher level than Zachary's, Zachary couldn't have injured him that easily.

"Sir, Zachary must have learned something by the back door. He seemed to have eaten something when we fought," Benjamin replied, beating around the bush.

"How is that possible? Even if he took the most powerful pill, he still wouldn't be able to hurt you." Lewis eyed Benjamin. Of course, he didn't believe his words. The other stewards observing the conversation were doubtful as well. Such a thing didn't make any sense.

"It's true. The disciples who were with me witnessed everything," Benjamin insisted.

"In that case, I will confirm it with the other disciples later. But you still haven't answered my question. Why did Zachary fight you? As far as I know, the treehouse where Zachary lived was burned beyond recognition," Lewis said very seriously. He was already aware of the incident before he even asked them. It was Benjamin who initiated the trouble, leading a few disciples to burn Zachary's treehouse.

"The treehouse got burned accidentally because the campfire that I and some disciples made to warm ourselves got out of control. And yet, Zachary attacked us so violently without giving us a chance to explain what had happened," Benjamin stated calmly. He directed all the responsibility to Zachary in an attempt to defend himself.

Zachary huffed with annoyance at the blatant excuse. He knew that Benjamin had practiced his calm demeanor to avoid any suspicion and punishment from Lewis.

"Zachary, is what Benjamin said true?" Lewis asked, looking straight into

ally useless, why would he remain in our Welkin Sect?" Barton echoed.

Hearing the two stewards' words, Zachary despised them for trying to push him into a more miserable situation. He sneered coldly in his mind, 'You two old farts better be careful. One day, I will pluck all your beards. Just wait and see. I will soon make you two beg me to be your disciple.'

"Even if he becomes disabled and useless, we should wait for his injuries to heal. Let's talk about these concerns after his recovery." Lewis vetoed the two stewards' suggestion with a wave of his hand.

With their leader's objection, the two stewards could say nothing more.

"Elva, take Zachary to the Pill Hall and get a bottle of second-grade white therapeutic pills. I shall examine his injuries later," Lewis said, signaling for Elva to do as he instructed.

She nodded, glanced at Zachary, and walked out of the Heavenly Martial Hall. Zachary followed suit. When Bruce saw this, he became jealous of Zachary's chance of getting closer to Elva. His fists clenched with bitterness. Bruce tried to comfort himself by thinking that Zachary was now disabled. And he knew Elva's personality—she wouldn't start a relationship with a lame disciple. Despite this, Bruce couldn't help but feel jealous.

Zachary followed a few paces behind Elva as they exited the Heavenly Martial Hall, and soon he caught up with her. Putting on an innocent expression, he asked, "Are you still mad at me? I'm sorry, but last time I didn't mean to... I only did that because I wanted to save you."

Elva rolled her eyes at Zachary, making it clear that she didn't believe him. She then replied coldly, "If I were the one who fought you, I would try harder to break more of your meridians."

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