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   Chapter 30 Tragedy Turns Into Good Luck

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By SANDRA KELLEY Characters: 6855

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"I can promise you ten things if you so desire!" Zachary answered cheerfully.

"It is very simple. You will do as I say. You have to accomplish any order I give you. If you show any sign of defiance, I will kick you out immediately, without any hesitation," Anne stated in a serious tone.

"So simple?" Zachary had thought it would be an impossible quest, but it turned out that she only wanted him to listen to her.

Anne nodded her head solemnly.

Zachary climbed down the bed and kneeled in front of Anne. "Master Anne!" he said loudly, giving her a fist and palm salute—a sign of respect for his master.

"There's no need to do that. There is no such rule in the Living-dead Tomb. Now, get onto the bed!"

"Get onto the bed?" Anne's words evoked a scene in Zachary's mind, where he saw himself making passionate love to her. 'Has she fallen in love with me? She is so active! I am so excited!' Zachary thought, gleefully.

When Anne saw Zachary's lustful smile, her face immediately turned dark. She waved her sleeve; a strong wind flashed towards Zachary and pushed him back onto the Ice Jade Bed. Anne, then, flipped her palm, and four Ice Needles appeared between her fingers.

The sight of four Ice Needles gave Zachary an ominous premonition.

Indeed, soon after that, the Living-dead Tomb was filled with piercing sounds of howling and roaring, which seemed to be coming from someone who was being tortured.

One night passed.

"Okay, now, all the five broken meridians are repaired. Plus, as I have helped you activate the Supernal Meridian, your martial speed should improve by one level now." Anne, who was sitting on the Ice Jade Bed, took back the Ice Needles and wiped some sweat from her forehead.

"Oh... Wait... Master Anne, you said that my martial speed has improved by one level. That means, I have triple martial speed?" A moment ago, Zachary could think of nothing but the pain and torment he had suffered, but now, he was jumping with joy.

"You are my personal disciple. It would be a matter of shame for me, if you only have the talent of double martial speed. Besides, the Supernal Meridian cannot be activated so easily, and only one in ten thousand can do that. I happened to discover that your Supernal Meridian is quite different from that of other people's." Though Anne said it nonchalantly, the hint of her compliment was clear as day, for she could not hide it.

"Ha-ha! I am a genius!" Zachary laughed, feeling superior.

"Moreover, a part of my martial energy was left in your body after I cured you. If you can refine it, you may be able to reach the seventh grade of Mortal Level. Well, that's a bonus for you," Anne added.

"Really? My tragedy has turned into good luck!" Zachary, who was in high spirits, grinned from cheek to cheek. Because of his injury, he had not only upgraded his martial speed but also had reached the seventh grade of Mortal Level.

He owed it all to Anne. It was only because of her that he could cultivate now; otherwise, that would not have been possible.

"Thank you so much, Master Anne. I have nothing to pay you back with. How about I sacrifice my body for you, whenever you require it?" Zachary could not help thinking about having an intimate relationship with Anne.

Rolling her eyes at Zachary, she said coldly, "I am tired. You can go now." Saying that, she left quickly.

Soon after, Zachary also left the L

iving-dead Tomb and exited the system.

"I am so lucky. If Bruce ever learns how fortunate I have been this time, he will surely be very annoyed!" Zachary laughed out aloud.

"Did you say very annoyed?" Zachary heard a low voice. It was coming from behind him.

Immediately, he turned around and saw Lewis flying towards him, with a beautiful shadow following him—it was none other than Elva.

"Master Lewis, why are you here?" Zachary asked, baffled.

"Where did you go yesterday? I had people look for you, for the entire day. I thought you..." Lewis seemed to be worried. He had heard from Elva that five of Zachary's meridians were broken, so he wanted to check with him. However, it turned out that Zachary had disappeared without leaving a trace.

"Do you want to die? Why are you running around with such an injury?" Elva glared at Zachary, as if blaming him for not taking good care of himself.

"Do not worry. I will not give up on myself." Zachary smiled matter-of-factly.

"Let me check you thoroughly, and see if I can heal you." After all, Zachary had the talent of double martial speed. In the Welkin Sect, the number of disciples with double martial speed was less than twenty. As such, each of them was vital for the sect and Lewis could not afford to lose Zachary.

"Heal me? It is okay. I am doomed anyway." Pretending to be disheartened, Zachary shook his head. He could not allow Lewis to check his body, or else he would discover that all his meridians had been repaired, and even his martial speed had improved immensely.

"Maybe Master Lewis can help you. Do not give up." Elva was getting agitated. She regarded Zachary as a talented warrior, especially when it came to his speed.

"Thank you for your concern, Elva. Becoming someone other than a warrior may not be a bad thing, after all," Zachary answered calmly.

"No one is concerning about you!" When Elva realized that she seemed to care too much for Zachary, she felt shy and turned her head away.

"Since it has already happened, there is no use mourning over it. Come to the Heavenly Martial Hall with me. I will have Bruce and Benjamin come as well. Let us clear the matter," Lewis ordered.

"Yes, Master Lewis." Zachary nodded his head in agreement.

He, then, followed Lewis and Elva to the Heavenly Martial Hall.

On reaching there, other than Bruce and Benjamin, whose broken arm was covered with a bandage, they saw the Welkin Sect's stewards as well as a group of disciples at the Earth Level.

The arrival of Zachary, Elva, and Lewis caused a stir there, as everyone knew that Zachary's meridians were broken. The Welkin Sect strictly forbade its disciples from fighting each other. Lewis would surely treat this matter seriously. However. all disciples were convinced that Bruce would be neither reprimanded nor punished severely, as he was the sect's most promising disciple.

Bruce looked at Zachary indifferently. On the other hand, Benjamin's eyes were filled with rage, and it seemed that he wanted to burn holes in Zachary with his eyes.

Lewis walked to the end of the Heavenly Martial Hall and took the main seat that was meant only for the leader, while Zachary and Elva stood in the center. Elva kept studying Zachary, for she was still wondering what could have happened to him. She felt that he was too optimistic. Therefore, she could not help thinking that something was wrong.

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