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   Chapter 24 Artificial Respiration

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Elva's persistence tormented Zachary. Even though Shadow Pace was a powerful skill that increased his speed, it consumed martial energy. Every minute of using it depleted his martial energy.

'Maybe I should just enter the system, ' Zachary thought. He turned around and found that Elva was still following him. 'If I suddenly vanish, she'll surely get suspicious. What if she stays at the spot and wait for me to reappear? I can't hide in the system forever.' Ultimately, he decided against it.

Zachary soon reached a small pond that reflected moonlight. He thought of an idea and jumped into the pond.

Elva was surprised to see Zachary suddenly disappear. When she arrived at the edge of the pond, she quickly guessed where he went.

"Is he hiding underwater?" Elva murmured to herself and then walked closer to the pond.

A hand suddenly reached out from under the water and grabbed Elva's ankle. The hand dragged her quickly into the water. Her surprise prevented her from doing anything as she sank further into the water.

No matter how powerful she was, she couldn't walk on water.

Another figure came out of the pond. Zachary smirked at her and then said, "Elva, I do wish to play with you in the water but it is quite late. Let's do this again someday. Enjoy the cold water!" Then he turned around and was about to leave.

"I... Wait... I... I can't... swim..." Elva's face was full of terror as she struggled to stay above the water.

"What do you mean you can't swim? Are you kidding me? You're so powerful and yet you can't swim?" Zachary was skeptical. He thought that it might be Elva's trap—when he reached his hand out to save her, she would grab him and catch him.

However, before he took his first step away, something strange caught his attention. The splashing sound behind him was gone. The pond was silent and the surface of the water started to become still once more.

"She really can't swim. Oh my god!" Zachary wasted no time and jumped back into the pond. A short while later, he saw the sinking figure of Elva, who looked unconscious, small air bubbles escaping from her lips—the last ounces of air in her lungs.

Zachary swam towards her. One arm scooped Elva while the other swept across the water. A few moments later, he managed to reach the surface with her in tow.

They both got out of the pond and onto the bank. Zachary took in huge gulps of air for he almost ran out of breath doing his rescue mission.

There was no movement from Elva at all. Her white clothes were fully soaked, which became transparent and traced the beautiful outline of her body.

But Zachary was in no mood to enjoy Elva's beauty. His mind was occupied by guilt. 'How would I know that she doesn't know how to swim? If anything happens to her, I'm surely the one to blame, ' he pondered.

"Artificial respiration," Zachary blurted out. Gazing at Elva's pale lips, Zachary licked his own lips involuntarily.

"This is my first kiss since I came to this world. You're the lucky one. Fortunately I performed artificial respiration for other beautiful women in the past. I'm an expert at this," Zachary muttered

to himself and then he bent down. He pinched Elva's nose, opened her mouth and started the artificial respiration.

When their lips met, a sensual feeling struck Zachary like electricity that made his entire body tingle while a sweet, fragrant smell almost made him crazy. He felt the bulge between his legs go out of control instantly.

'What the hell! She made me lose control so easily, ' Zachary cursed in his heart, slightly embarrassed.

Zachary blew air into Elva's mouth several times. She then coughed violently and disgorged water from her lungs. It was not long and she started breathing on her own again.

Zachary sighed loudly in relief and fatigue.

Elva sat up suddenly and stared at Zachary, who was breathing heavily close by. She still looked mad about what happened. Her breasts moved up and down following the rhythm of her breathing.

His fatigue seemed to have washed his guilt away and he found it hard to stop himself from staring at Elva's body.

She suddenly noticed Zachary's eyes were transfixed on her body; she realized that her clothes were soaked and she looked very much like she was completely naked in front of him. She immediately covered her breasts with her hands and turned sideways.

"I didn't mean to do that. It's a huge mistake. I just saved your life. If I didn't give you artificial respiration, you would have been dead by now," Zachary said weakly.

"Artificial respiration?" Elva have never heard of it before. She thought about the words and she suddenly realized what it meant and what it took to do it. She touched her lips with her finger and immediately gasped in horror as she stared at Zachary. She blushed as she roared, "What did you do to me?"

"N-nothing..." Zachary stammered and raised his hands up weakly as if giving up to whatever situation he now found himself in. 'How could I be so stupid? Why did I tell her that?'

"You're dead! You are so dead! I'll kill you so that no one will know of this secret!" Elva exclaimed. She was clearly enraged. It was her first kiss and she had never been close to any male. Killing Zachary was the only solution that she saw.

"I won't tell anyone. I swear. Are you really so merciless and inconsiderate? I helped you, more than once! I just saved your life!" Zachary felt nervous as he stared at the killing intent in Elva's eyes.

His words rang in her mind and it gave her pause. She felt conflicted as she thought about all the things that had happened. She was so focused on her thoughts that she did not realize her hands slowly dropped to her sides.

"Excuse me. I see everything," Zachary said with a childlike smile.

Elva reflexively covered her breasts again with her hands.

Seizing the moment, Zachary activated Shadow Pace and fled.

Elva thought that it wasn't appropriate for her to chase Zachary again. She had no choice but to give up. She stood up and stomped the ground heavily with both of her feet in her frustration. She began to doubt if she felt anger, frustration, humiliation, or all of them at the same time. The only thing that she was sure of at that time was that it was not the end.

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