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   Chapter 21 Heaven And Earth Pill

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Zachary returned to the treehouse and then entered the system. He submitted the treasure to complete the quest. The quest was then marked complete. "You're awarded a fourth-grade Heaven and Earth Pill. Please use the pill when necessary. Afterwards, the next main quest 'First Awakening of Love' will become available. There will be a series of sub-quests, and you need to complete all of them. Once you finish all of them, you will get a merit reward." A pill that radiated a purple light landed on Zachary's hand. Judging by its appearance, he could say for sure that it wasn't an ordinary pill.

"A series of sub-quests? And there's even such a main quest? What do you mean by using it when necessary? This is a fourth-grade therapeutic pill. Interesting." Zachary inspected the Heaven and Earth Pill with curious eyes. Since it was a quest item, he couldn't just use it when he wanted. And he also had no idea exactly when it could be used.

Half a month passed by, but Zachary never had a chance to use the Heaven and Earth Pill. Because of this, no new main quest could be activated. Nevertheless, he made steady progress. He was now at the second grade of Mortal Level, thanks to the cultivation quest mode. Physical cultivation and meditating cultivation were two different ways of cultivation. Physical cultivation required one to constantly strain their physical body, which was exactly what the cultivation quest mode was for.

'How should I use the Heaven and Earth Pill? Should I give it to someone instead? Since the quest is called First Awakening of Love, should I give it to a woman? To Anne, maybe? Has she finished her cultivation in seclusion? Maybe I should pay Anne a visit and check whether she has a new quest for me, ' Zachary thought.

He went to the Living-dead Tomb, but it wasn't open. He felt upset as he exited the system. As usual, he planned to go to the Logistics Hall to see if there was any quest for him. He left the treehouse and passed by the Bamboo Gully, the residential area for the female disciples. He saw a large group of male disciples gathering around this area.

Since female disciples lived here, male disciples were forbidden from entering.

Zachary walked towards the group. He heard some of the male disciples gossiping as he drew closer.

"I heard Elva lost control during cultivation and was injured internally. This is the perfect chance for us!"

"I heard that she's badly injured. I brought a second-grade white therapeutic pill. It's the best therapeutic pill that I have. I'm sure that she'll recover the moment she takes this pill."

"Your pill may not be good enough. I have a second-grade Imperial Gingseng. One bite is enough for her to recover!!"

Zachary pondered, 'Elva got injured?'

All of a sudden, there was a commotion in the crowd. Someone shouted, "Elva is here!"

All the male disciples got excited and immediately tried to squeeze each other to get nearer to Elva.

"Everyone! Clear out!" a commanding voice said.

When the male disciples turned and saw who spoke, they all quieted down.

Zachary also turned to look at the person. It was a young man in a green robe, walking with long steps. He had a handsome face, his long hair resting on his shoulders.

Benjamin followed him closely.

"He's..." Zachary searched for information on the man in the memories. This young man was none other than the other disciple who was qualified to enter the Celestial College, Bruce. He was the personal disciple of the most powerful steward, Herman,

and he was the most outstanding disciple of the Welkin Sect in the history of the sect, with triple martial speed. Moreover, he had reached the third grade of Heaven Level at a relatively young age. In the entire sect, Elva was the only disciple that was comparable to him.

When Bruce passed, the other male disciples cleared a path for him. Standing at the opposite end of the path was Elva.

Elva looked pale and exhausted, as if she was indeed badly injured.

"Elva, how are you?" Bruce asked with such affection that made it obvious that he had feelings for Elva.

"Nothing serious," Elva said while she shook her head.

"I brought an Ethereal Reviving Pill for you. It should help you recover." Bruce brought out a pill that emitted a green light.

The crowd was astonished. The Ethereal Reviving Pill was a third-grade green therapeutic pill, a truly valuable item. In comparison, the other pills and herbs brought by the other male disciples were inferior. None of them dared offer their herbs or pills after seeing what Bruce brought with him.

"There's no need. Please keep it." Elva walked forward as she shook her head. She then saw Zachary at the outer edge of the crowd. "Zachary! Why are you here?"

"I was just passing by," answered Zachary.

Bruce was surprised that Elva greeted Zachary.

"Bruce, that is Zachary. The one that I told you about," Benjamin murmured to Bruce. He continued to murmur something but was no longer audible to others.

Bruce looked surprised as he listened to Benjamin. His face then turned grim soon afterwards.

Benjamin laughed out loudly within himself. He then said loudly to Zachary, "Hey Zachary, were you really just passing by? I think that you were just like the other disciples. You were here to impress Elva with a pill or something, huh? What kind of garbage pill have you brought?"

Benjamin's words raised an uproar in the crowd.

"It is surely even worse than what I brought. Just keep it. Don't shame yourself with it."

"That's right. Off you go now."

"Do you want to compete with Bruce? Why not take a look at yourself first?"

The crowd started to laugh at Zachary. No one noticed that their actions made Elva frown.

Zachary suddenly laughed out loud. "Yes. You are all correct. I came here to impress Elva." He took out the fourth-grade Heaven and Earth Pill from his robe as he offered the pill to Elva.

"Elva, this Heaven and Earth Pill is for you. I hope that you get well soon." Zachary smiled lightly as he handed the pill to Elva.

All the disciples present were petrified, including Bruce and Benjamin.

"H-Heaven and Earth Pill... Isn't that a fourth-grade purple pill? It's even better than the Ethereal Reviving Pill of Bruce! That's the highest grade therapeutic pill that I've ever seen!"

"How could he possibly have a Heaven and Earth Pill? Is he lying? Is that a trick?"

"If that pill is really a fourth-grade therapeutic pill, I'll eat horse dung!"

The disciples were struck with awe. Elva was equally astonished. When she stared at the pill in her hand, she exclaimed in disbelief, "It is indeed a fourth-grade purple therapeutic pill, the Heaven and Earth Pill. Where did you get this?"

"Secret!" Wearing a mystical smile, Zachary turned and walked away, leaving everyone stupefied.

Bruce's face was ice cold. He could have won Elva's favor easily if Zachary hadn't arrived and destroyed his chance.

"Bruce, we can't just let him go like that. Look at how arrogant he is!" Benjamin incited Bruce.

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