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   Chapter 18 A Beauty

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"That's weird. I just completed my first main quest. I should get a notification for the second main quest. So where is it?" Zachary suddenly remembered something. "Mimi, where is the second main quest?"

There was no response from Mimi.

"What a faulty system! I just want to accomplish as many quests as possible to improve myself..." Zachary complained as he exited the system and went to the Logistics Hall.

Every formal disciple of the Welkin Sect was entitled to one first-grade white cultivation-aiding pill each month. However, there was a prerequisite. They needed to first complete a specific quest given by the sect, patrolling or herb collecting for example.

Usually, disciples of Welkin Sect would complete the quests in groups. The Logistics Hall helped the disciples form teams and assigned quests to them.

When Zachary arrived at the Logistics Hall, he found that Benjamin was also there. The moment Zachary stepped into the room, Benjamin put on a warm smile and said enthusiastically, "Hello, Zachary!"

"What's wrong with you?" Zachary jeered at him, surprised at Benjamin's unusual behavior.

Benjamin smiled sheepishly and answered, "It seems we've been assigned to the same team. Our team is assigned the quest of patrolling and I'm the team leader. Don't worry. I will not allow anyone to bully you."

"Okay," Zachary answered. He knew right away that Benjamin was up to no good. 'Whatever he's planning, I'll be ready for it!' Zachary thought to himself.

After the members of the team gathered, Benjamin led them to the bottom of the mountain to patrol. The task was rather simple. All they needed to do was walk around the mountain and take note of anything suspicious. They needed to patrol for six hours.

"Zachary, can you tell me where you got those herbs?" Benjamin saw a chance to talk to Zachary and he took it.

"Are you sure you want to know?" A strange smile crossed Zachary's face.

Benjamin nodded.

"It's a secret," Zachary replied and then walked away.

'Damn it!' Benjamin cursed inwardly. He kept his smile outwardly and continued to approach Zachary.

There was no way that Zachary would ever tell him the truth.

After an hour or so, Benjamin told the team to take a rest. He then passed a water bottle to Zachary to befriend him.

Zachary happily accepted Benjamin's "kindness." After he drank some water, a voice sounded in his mind. "The system found a highly valuable treasure within the vicinity. The random treasure-hunting quest mode is on. Find the treasure and get it!" Mimi said inside his head.


Right after Zachary heard Mimi's voice, he coughed the water in his mouth out.

'What is going on? Even when I am simply drinking water, the random treasure-hunting quest mode turns on automatically. The system is like a pirate! It makes me loot treasures now. I hope no one is guarding it, ' Zachary cursed inwardly. Nevertheless, he looked forward to the treasure that the system mentioned.

"The random treasure-hunting quest wouldn't be activate for just any treasure," Mimi explained. This surprised

Zachary. 'The treasure must be really valuable if it can attract the Treasure-hunting System, ' he thought to himself.

"Zachary, are you alright?" Benjamin asked in a tone of concern when Zachary coughed the water out.

"It's nothing. I suddenly had a stomachache. Please excuse me for a while. Don't wait for me. I'll catch up later." After excusing himself, he went into a bush.

When he was sure that no one was looking at him, he took out the Treasure-hunting Compass. A red dot was on the radar projected by the compass; this indicated the location of the treasure.

"Let's take a look then!" Zachary used the Shadow Pace and rushed towards the red dot.

He soon realized that the location shown by the red dot was not stationary. It was as if it was playing hide-and-seek with him. Luckily, its speed wasn't fast.

Zachary soon passed a wheat field and then entered a red forest when the red dot's movement finally stopped. It was about only a hundred meters away from Zachary's position.

Zachary kept the Treasure-hunting Compass close and moved towards the red dot. Deep inside the forest, he found a cave entrance that was slightly concealed by a small waterfall. There were two lines of footsteps that led into the cave. It seemed that someone or some creature had just entered the cave.

Zachary carefully inspected the surrounding areas to ensure that no one else was around. After a moment of hesitation, he quietly sneaked into the cave.

The cave wasn't too deep. It did not take long and Zachary reached the end of the cave. At the end of the cave, there was a female figure who was half naked. There was a vertical passageway that connected the end of the cave and the outside world. A beam of light fell nicely on her body through the vertical passageway.

Zachary saw her face clearly. It was like a flower that just blossomed, alluring and arousing. Her lips were racy red, as if inviting him to kiss her. Her beautiful face was devoid of any emotion. Zachary suddenly had a sensation that she might not be real at all.

"So...did the compass ask me to find the beauty? Am I supposed to do something sensual with her to get the treasure?" Zachary murmured to himself.

He suddenly felt that the woman looked familiar. After a few moments of trying to recall who she was, he was not able to stop himself from calling out, "Alisa?!" The girl looked exactly the same as the woman that the owner of the body was supposed to marry.

Zachary's voice woke the woman up. When she opened her eyes, she seemed even more seductive. After being dazed for a moment, she instinctively took her clothes to cover her exposed body. Spitting some blood out, she replied embarrassed, "Don't shout. I'll tear your mouth apart!" She cautiously checked the outside of the cave. When she didn't saw anyone outside, she heaved a sigh of relief and glared at Zachary again.

She checked Zachary from head to toe, and eventually realized that he was not one of the guys who chased her. Additionally, he seemed weak to her. Feeling much more at ease, she asked coldly, "Who are you?"

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