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   Chapter 15 Mortal Level

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Under the crowd's unrelenting gaze, Zachary suddenly turned around and left. He walked steadily and soon disappeared from everyone's sight.

"Haven't you ever seen a person with double martial speed? What's so surprising about that? When I reach triple martial speed, will all your jaws drop?" Zachary joked as he ran back to his treehouse.

He entered the system, and started to cultivate in the Peach Blossom Forest. He was surrounded by a layer of purple aura. Compared to half a month ago, the purple aura had become much denser. The purple aura slowly flew over his body. Gradually, a portion of it seeped into his skin and coalesced in his meridians. Then, it circulated in his body at double martial speed.

The purple aura was continuously generated by the different parts of his body as well, which merged with the aura in his meridians. As the process continued, his meridians were filled by the martial energy to their maximum capacity.

Zachary's body felt like a bowstring that had been pulled to its limit. The tension was so great that it could break at any moment. As he reached the upper limit, he felt that his body was restrained somehow. He failed to make the breakthrough just yet.

A few days ago, when Zachary assimilated all the first-grade cultivation-aiding white pills as well as other treasures obtained from accomplishing newbie quests in the second world, he accumulated enough martial energy in his body to make the breakthrough to the Mortal Level.

Warriors relied on meridians to store martial energy. They needed to increase the meridians' capacity. If they failed to improve the capacity of their meridians, it would be useless to cultivate more martial energy. Zachary was now in a condition where the martial energy in his meridians had entered an aggregated state.

His body overflowed with excess martial energy. He felt that he could explode at any moment. His muscles were under immense pressure, as if they were ground by heavy weights. Zachary now suffered from excruciating pain.

But Zachary didn't let out any sound that indicated that he was in pain. He suppressed the pain as he attempted to push for the breakthrough.

Zachary had no idea how much time passed by. He just felt that his body couldn't sustain the strain anymore.

"Aargh!" Zachary shouted as the overflowing martial energy in his body burst forth.

Boom! The items inside the treehouse flew towards the walls as if they were thrown by a tremendous amount of energy.

In the blink of an eye, the purple aura around Zachary became brighter.

"Congratulations for making a breakthrough. You are now at the first grade of Mortal Level!" Mimi announced excitedly.

"First grade of Mortal Level! Finally!" Zachary exclaimed as he laughed out loudly.

"Congratulations for completing all newbie quests and reaching the Mortal Level. You can now get your newbie completion award!"

A beam of piercing light beamed in front of Zachary, and then, a ring with the shape of a dog's head floated in the air in front of him.

Zachary took the ring and studied it closely.

"Mimi, what is this?" Zachary asked curiously.

"That is a Dog Soul Ring, an item that can help you find treasure. When the power of the ring is used, your sense of smell, vision and hearing will become greatly enhanced. It can also help you hold your breath for half an hour," Mimi explained to Zachary.

"Sounds like a very useful item!" Zachary exclaimed as he wore the ring on one of his fingers.

"Since you've reached the Mortal Level, you're no longer allowed to accept any newbie quests. Main quest mode and cultivation quest mode are activated.

The main quest mode is going to deliver quests automatically. All the quests are related to the real world. If you accomplish all the quests in the main quest mode, you will be able to reach the pinnacle of a warrior. The treasures awarded by the main quest mode is dependent on your own cultivation level when you complete the quest.

For the cultivation quest mode, treasures will be awarded accordingly when you complete the quests."

"Sounds great! That seems like something to look forward to!" Zachary was excited to know about the new modes.

"Activate the first stage of main quest mode. Quest: become a formal disciple of the Welkin Sect!" Mimi announced.

"I've already passed the selection for formal disciples. Soon I will become a formal disciple of the Welkin Sect," Zachary said to himself. Since all he needed to do was wait, the quest was considered completed.

'So glad that I passed. Can I have some fun now, just to reward myself? Or should I go to the Living-dead Tomb and spend some time with Master Anne? This Treasure-hunting System has the beauty collection mode. If I can take Master Anne out of the Treasure-hunting System and cultivate with her, that will be so great! However, she might be busy cultivating in seclusion right now.' He exited the system as a myriad of thoughts ran through his mind.

Zachary was so over-joyed for his recent breakthrough. While he was planning how he should go about with his celebration, an unexpected guest arrived. The person felt like a very powerful warrior.

"Master Lewis?" Zachary was surprised to find that his visitor was none other than the leader of the Welkin Sect, Lewis.

Lewis' sharp eyes focused on Zachary's body. Beneath the calmness of his eyes, there was a hint of confusion and astonishment that he could not conceal. After all, just now, Zachary, the well-known loser of the Welkin Sect, passed the selection for formal disciples and even exhibited double martial speed.

From the time the Welkin Sect was established, no single disciple at the Foundation Establishment could improve so much in a short span of only one year! Naturally, Lewis was bewildered!

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