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   Chapter 9 Bearing Grudges

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The Herbal Mountain, which was located right next to the Welkin Sect, was actually a bluff mountain, and herbs under the third grade grew on it, in abundance.

As it was very steep from all sides and most of the herbs grew on the sheer cliffs, collecting herbs posed a challenge to whoever wanted to do so. Nevertheless, many disciples wanted to try their luck.

Zachary followed the crowd to the foot of the Herbal Mountain. When he reached there, he saw many disciples already waiting there anxiously. Most of them were at the Foundation Establishment.

"Don't push. Only those disciples who get the number plates can have access to the Herbal Mountain. Only one hundred are available, and it is first come, first served," someone shouted in the front of the crowd.

"Please, give me one. If you give it to me, I promise I will do anything for you. Anything!"

"This is my last chance to become an official disciple! Please, help me! I request you to give me a chance."

"Dude, the happiness of the rest of my life depends on you now."

Almost all the disciples at the Foundation Establishment seemed to have gone crazy. Yelling and pushing one another, they were trying to get close to the disciples who were holding the number plates, as they wanted them desperately.

Zachary was a little surprised to see such a scene. Narrowing his eyes, he activated Shadow Pace and elbowed his way through the crowd hurriedly, until he got to the front. A few disciples at the Mortal Level from the Welkin Sect were handing out the number plates. Since only a hundred number plates were available, it was evident that there were not enough for everyone. Without hesitating, Zachary reached out and tried to grab the one which was the closest to him. Just as he was about to get hold of one, a hand appeared from nowhere and snatched it.

"You! Loser! How dare you try to sneak your way here and rob the others' chances to get to the Herbal Mountain! Do you really think that you are capable of becoming a formal disciple?" a familiar voice called out mockingly.

Turning around, Zachary saw the man who had snatched the number plate from him. It was none other than Benjamin, whom he had insulted with his Shadow Pace.

Zachary was a little surprised and worried to see Benjamin. He knew that he could get into trouble because, besides being loathsome, Benjamin was an obnoxious person.

Sniggering at Zachary, Benjamin shook the number plate and threw it to the crowd. People who saw what Benjamin had done went crazy trying to get the number plate.

"Don't you know you are a loser? Then, why do you still want to collect the herbs? If you really want one, you can try begging me for it. Who knows? I might take pity on you and get you one," Benjamin sneered.

Clenching his fists, Zachary swallowed his anger. Had he run into Benjamin in a different situation, he would have taught him one more lesson. However, he knew that he had no choice but to flatter and fawn over him because, without the number plate, he would not be able to collect the herbs. And he needed them in exchange for the pills.

"Benjamin, what happened between us earlier was a mere misunderstanding. In fact, I honor you very much. I would love that you get me a number plate. Would you?" Zachary said politely. But in his mind, he had already cursed Benjamin.

"Well, sure. Hey, guys! Listen, Zachary wants a number plate. Please make sure that he never gets one. Do all of you understand?" Benjamin said to the disciples of Mortal Level who were handing out the number plates. It was evident that Benjamin was taking revenge on Zachary.

"Damn you!" Zachary shouted aloud. Now, he knew that Benjamin would do his best to make things difficult for him.

Since Benjamin was the personal disciple of a steward, the disciples of Mortal Level nodded their heads, obediently.

The disciples at the Foundation Establishment were relieved and happy to hear what Benjamin had said. That meant that they had one less competitor, and their chances to get into the Herbal Mountain had increased manifold.

"Fine! I don't think the Herbal Mountain is the only mountain from where I can collect the herbs," Zachary scoffed. He kn

ew that he could never change Benjamin's mind, so he decided to leave. He could not bring himself to beg someone like Benjamin. In fact, he had already gone against his will, by talking to him politely.

Benjamin was glad to see Zachary walking away like that. With a sinister smile, he turned to one of the disciples of Mortal Level, whispered a few words. The disciple left right after Benjamin had finished talking.

After walking away from Benjamin, Zachary turned on the Treasure-hunting Compass, and got into the second world, right after he had returned to the treehouse.

"Mimi, please check. Are there any other mountains in this area, besides the Herbal Mountain, from where I can collect herbs?" Zachary asked.

"Searching..." Mimi replied gently.

A few moments later, she said, "I have found that there is the Dragon Mountain. It lies about a mile away from the Welkin Sect."

"Okay. It's a little far from here, but that is better than nothing," Zachary said to himself, and logged off the system. Soon after that, he packed a few things, left the treehouse, and headed for the Dragon Mountain.

What Zachary did not expect was that the Welkin Sect's disciples, who were guarding the entrance of the sect, would stop him on his way out.

"Guys, I need to run some errands. Would you please let me out?" Zachary asked politely.

"Hey, you're the loser! Right? What errands do you have to run? You know the rules. The disciples at the Foundation Establishment cannot leave the Welkin Sect as they please. Just go back!" a disciple said contemptuously.

"No one would know I am out, if you do not say anything. I will bring you something nice, if you let me get out," Zachary said, with a big smile on his face. Bribing was the only way he could think of.

"We need nothing! Go back!" one of the disciples shouted. It seemed that they did not want to do Zachary any favor.

Even though Zachary was a little upset and disappointed, he could do nothing but walk back to his treehouse, reluctantly.

Right after Zachary walked away, the disciples at the entrance started talking to one another at once. "He is the loser who has offended Benjamin. What an idiot! Benjamin said that we could not let him out for at least a month!"

Zachary was not someone who gave up quickly. After he got back to the treehouse, he logged into the system again to ask Mimi if there was any other way to get out. Unfortunately, her answer was, "No." Moreover, the Welkin Sect was located on the steep hillside and was also surrounded by cliffs. Therefore, the only way to get out was through the entrance, or the mountain behind the Welkin Sect. Since its disciples also guarded the latter, there was indeed no way out.

'Benjamin Zhao, you bastard! I will take revenge on you, whenever I get the chance, ' Zachary cursed inwardly.

Since he could not collect herbs and exchange them for pills, the only way he could think of was to do daily quests.

And as only a hundred disciples could get to the Herbal Mountain, the rest who did not get the number plates had to perform the daily quests the Logistics Hall of the Welkin Sect assigned.

As expected, lots of disciples at the Foundation Establishment had already gathered at the Logistics Hall, which was very crowded, as everyone there was waiting in line to get the daily quests.

Finally, Zachary got into the Logistics Hall, after having waited in the line for about an hour, and immediately saw Benjamin sitting on a chair with his legs crossed. Behind him, several disciples were busy handing out the daily quests to the people who had gotten into the hall.

"Hey, you! I have waited for you for such a long time!" Benjamin said. He got up from the chair, and walked to Zachary as soon as he saw him.

"Benjamin, are you waiting for me? What can I do for you?" Zachary said, faking a smile.

"You are here to get a daily quest, aren't you? I have a great daily quest for you!" Benjamin replied with a welcoming smile.

"Great! But I don't want to bother you with such an errand. I can choose it myself. Thanks, though!" Zachary rejected Benjamin's offer politely. He was sure that he would never give him any great daily quest.

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