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   Chapter 7 Consequences Of The Provocation

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Zachary raised his head and saw a familiar face. There was a man standing before him who looked like a guileful thief.

"Hey, Benjamin!" Zachary greeted him with a wry smile. According to the memory of the owner of the body, Zachary knew that he was talking to Benjamin Zhao. Not so long ago, he reached the eighth grade of Mortal Level. Because of that, Steward Albert of Welkin Sect made him his personal disciple. He also had double martial speed, which made him stand out among his peers.

In Welkin Sect, the leader held the greatest power. Next in power were two elders and five stewards. Since the two elders normally cultivated in seclusion, the five stewards were generally in charge of the sect's matters. In the sect, they were the real rulers and were highly respected.

'The eighth grade of Mortal Level?' Zachary thought to himself.

Benjamin Zhao was with the new disciples at the Foundation Establishment. Normally, new disciples who just entered the Welkin Sect would choose to form groups of their own, join other established groups, or follow experienced disciples in order to avoid being bullied. As a talented disciple, Benjamin Zhao definitely had a group of followers.

While Benjamin Zhao and his followers stood on Zachary's way, a mesmerizing figure passed by which grabbed their attention.

"Isn't that Elva? Every time I see her, I can't help getting excited and indulged..." Benjamin Zhao murmured as he stared at the figure.

The eyes of other disciples at the Foundation Establishment were all glued to her too.

With aroused curiosity, Zachary turned his head to see her. She looked ethereal in a white dress. She was slender and tall, with sexy curves and fair skin. Her lips were enchantingly red, and her eyes were icy cold, so cold that they could freeze one's soul. She was like a proud lotus that could only be found on the peak of the highest mountain, so pure and distant. These qualities always elicited men's desires to conquer and possess her.

Zachary knew from the experiences of the owner of the body that the beautiful lady was the personal disciple of the sect's leader. Her name was Elva Han, twenty years old. She had triple martial speed, the highest among all the disciples of the Welkin Sect. Moreover, she had reached the first grade of Heaven Level, which was also one of the highest among the disciples.

Benjamin Zhao turned back to Zachary and loudly introduced him to his followers. "Perhaps you guys haven't heard about it. This is the most famous loser in our Welkin Sect!" The mockery was not just to insult Zachary but also to get the attention of Elva Han.

To no avail, Elva Han did not show any interest at all. She threw a glance in their direction for a second but quickly averted her gaze as if it wasn't worth her time.

"Yes? Is he the infamous Zachary Zi that people talk about?"

"I heard that he's been in the Welkin Sect for three years but he has made no progress in cultivation..."

"Why is he still with our sect then? If I were him, I would rather leave the sect to save myself from shame!"

Benjamin Zhao's followers quickly chimed in to ridicule Zachary.

"I didn't expect disciples of the Welkin Sect to be this disrespectful. On behalf of the elders, I should give you guys a lesson you'll never forget." Zachary gave them a faint smile and his body disappeared.

Benjamin Zhao and his followers didn't understand what was going on. All of a sudden, their pants fell off to the ground exposing their private parts.

"What the heck! What's going on? Where is he?"

Benjamin Zhao was shocked. He was able to capture Zachary's first move, but easily lost track of him afterwards. A warrior at the eighth grade of Mortal Level couldn't capture the movements made by a warrior at the Foundation Establishment! That was unbelievable!

With shame, worry and disbelief, the other disciples exchanged doubtful glances with each other.

When Benjamin Zhao and his followers realized what happened, Zachary appeared at the same spot again, as if he hadn't moved at all.

"Incredible speed! Benjamin didn't even have a chance to react? How did he make it? Even I could only vaguely see his movements..." someone remarked with surprise.

The voice came from the passer-by, Elva Han. Even at the first grade of Heaven Level, she could not manage to follow Zachary's move. The leading disciple of the sect apparently became interested in him.

It so happened that a few female disciples of the Welkin Sect passed by, witnessing the public nudity displayed by Benjamin Zhao and other male disciples. One screamed, "Lascivious!"

Another yelled at the disgusting event, "Unsightly!"

Another shouted, "What a disgrace!"

The commotion drew a crowd of disciples. They laughed and pointed their fingers to Benjamin Zhao and his followers. The men felt so ashamed of themselves, wishing they could bury their heads into the ground at that very moment.

"Shit! Zachary Zi, I'll hit you!" Benjamin Zhao was so angry. His face turned red like tomatoes; his sweat ran down his nape in shame. He was also frustrated not being able to punch Zachary since his hands were glued covering his private part.

Wearing a poker face, Zachary turned around and walked away while triumphantly congratulating himself in silence.

Elva Han rarely talked especially to strangers. She was normally reserved but she decided to stop him. "Wait a second. What's your name?"

"Are you talking to me?" Startled, Zachary turned to Elva Han.

The brief conversation between Elva Han and Zachary drove all the male disciples of the Welkin Sect crazily jealous. It was a well-known fact that she was indulged in cultivation. Never had she asked a person for his name before. The male disciples wished that they were in Zachary's position and couldn't wait to tell her their names so as to get close to her.

"Let's talk about that later," Zachary simply said. Food was his main priority now. Having no intake for more than two days, he was starving. His hunger could not be ignored with Elva Han's beauty no matter how attractive she was. He couldn't fill his stomach with her looks anyway. This left her embarrassed and angry. It was the first time that a male disciple had disregarded her words. All the while, everyone around her treated her with patience and care. He was the only exception.

"Stop!" For some inexplicable reason, Elva Han had an impulse to stop Zachary.

Casting a glance at her, Zachary swiftly made a full-body turn and bypassed her from her right, leaving a shadow in the air. When he showed up again, he was already a few meters away from her.

All other disciples present only witnessed that the two of them seemed to exchange their positions in a blink of an eye. They were all baffled of what happened, thinking that they might have seen it wrongly. Even Elva Han didn't see clearly as well.

"Beauty, you're too slow. I'm sorry." Zachary winked at Elva Han and walked towards the kitchen.

"You..." Still in disbelief, Elva Han rushed towards him.

Seeing that she wasn't giving up, Zachary increased his speed even more.

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