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   Chapter 3 Recovering Double Martial Speed

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"Okay, I understand." Soon, remembering something, Zachary said, "Wait a second! I thought this body, which my soul is currently in, cannot cultivate at all because of a major past injury. Then how come, all of a sudden, it has the talent of double martial speed?" From the original soul's memory, Zachary knew that he had been gravely injured. Therefore, in that state he could not reach the original martial speed.

"It is true, the Zachary Zi of the Supernal Continent had lost his double martial speed because he had got hurt owing to the torture he suffered, but that doesn't mean that he can't recover!" Mimi answered.

"Mimi, are you saying that there's a remedy?" Zachary raised his eyebrows, and wondered if the body's owner would take it from him, if he got to know that he could recover his martial speed.

"You are going to get a Refreshing Pill, if you activate the second world. That will help you rebuild your body," Mimi replied.

"Then why am I waiting? Help me activate it now!" Zachary was quick to answer.

"Loading... The second world is activating soon! Gentle reminder: You might feel unwell when you enter the second world. Please don't worry about that. That happens..." Though Mimi sounded serious, there was a playfulness in her tone, as if she was half-joking.

After his conversation with Mimi, suddenly, Zachary felt that his surroundings had changed rapidly, and everything around him was blurred. Soon after that, he felt that a mystical force was lifting him, and he was rising towards the sky. The next second, he felt that he was falling into an abyss. After that, Zachary blacked out.

Near a pond of clear water, a man could be seen. His forehead was resting on the uneven rock's surface, while his hips were raised high and not touching it at all. To passersby, who might stop to look at it, or glance from a distance, he presented the sight of a lover in the act of love-making. Contrary to what it seemed, after some time, his entire body started shaking, though it began with his hips moving first.


The body collapsed and lay prone on the ground.

"Ahem!" When Zachary regained consciousness, he realized his mouth was filled with mud. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was no longer in the previous three-dimensional virtual space. On looking around, he could see that he was under peach trees. Their fragrance permeated the air. Their lush canopies covered the undergrowth, while birds of paradise chirped and darted from tree to tree, leaving a blaze of color behind them. Zachary's first thought was, 'Am I in heaven?'

"This is..." Zachary was surprised at what he saw. Everything seemed so real, but he knew that he was not in the real word.

Once again, he heard Mimi saying, "This is the second world that the Treasure-hunting System has created to assist adventurers hunt for treasures. You are in the Peach Blossom Forest. This is where beginners hunt for treasures. As your expertise increases and you gain experience as a warrior, other scenes will reveal themselves. Remember that each scenario's map has its function, and it will aid you to advance in your treasure-hunting quest. Listen carefully, for what I am going to tell you now is crucial. The amount of time you spend in this world will translate to the real world on a one-to-one ratio. That means, if you cultivate here for a day, one day will pas

s in the real world as well. And the effect will be the same!

Plus, in the second world, the system is going to beset you with a wide range of treasure-hunting quests. Once you finish them, you will be rewarded with treasures, and those will directly translate to riches in the Supernal Continent. The rewards you receive will be in the forms of pills, cultivation methods, armor, weapons, and other treasures. The tasks you complete and the riches you gain in the second world will give you an edge in your treasure-hunting adventures. Moreover, the treasures you get in the second world can be used in the real world. Similarly, you can also use those you gain in the real world in the second world..." Mimi continued to explain.

While listening intently, Zachary thought to himself, 'If this Treasure-hunting System can create a second world that is so similar to the real world, then it is indeed very powerful.'

"Moreover, this Treasure-hunting System also has the beauty collection mode through which you can meet many beautiful women of all types. And it has been developed with the sole purpose of preventing the treasure hunters from feeling lonely. As you complete your quests, you will meet women of different kinds: innocent, aloof, domineering, etc. Even legendary and fictional female characters from novels and fictions. Once you complete some specific quests, you will have the opportunity to train them to become the types of people you want them to be. Moreover, you may even be able to take them back to the real world!" Mimi exclaimed excitedly.

"Wow, this Treasure-hunting System is truly amazing. It even has the beauty collection mode!" Being a man, Zachary could not help getting excited. 'If I can take home the beauties that only exist in books and imagination, I will surely be the happiest man in the world!' he exclaimed inwardly.

"I'm going to be Casanova! I can't wait to have fun with the girls!" Zachary said.

"Here's a reminder for you. Since the second world is equivalent to the real world, your death in this world, will also be translated to the real world," Mimi added.

Goose pimples instantly surfaced on Zachary's skin.

"Since you're not a warrior yet, only the newbie quests are available to you. For each newbie quest you complete successfully, you will receive a treasure that is given to beginners. If you can complete all the newbie quests and become a warrior at the first grade of Mortal Level, you will earn a special award!" After a pause, Mimi continued, "Once you have completed your first quest, you will get a Refreshing Pill, which will help you recover your double martial speed."

"Will the quests that are assigned to beginners be dangerous?" Zachary asked, cautiously.

"There is nothing to worry about. There is no danger associated with the newbie quests," Mimi reassured Zachary, as she had understood his initial fear.

Since Mimi was so positive, Zachary thought that it should be okay to begin his treasure-hunting adventure. Nodding his head, he said, "What's the delay? Let's begin!"

"Newbie quest mode on! The first quest..." As Mimi was announcing for the quest to begin, a huge ten-foot high teak door suddenly appeared in front of Zachary.

Pushing it open, he walked into the hallway. Just as he had crossed the threshold, an intense white light radiated from inside, and engulfed him completely.

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